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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Mass invasion from “Morning” ride

Ironic that, as Kevin and I approached the starting point for the Tuesday-morning ride, we saw just one bike, and even that didn’t show up at first. Turns out they were all hiding just out of sight because we had either 12 or 13 this morning. Absolutely lost count! Can’t even begin to name them, but some show up in the Strava listing.

That shows me + 8 others! Lots of really fast guys and one fast girl (Karen, one of our semi-regulars). I was able to stay ahead of just one guy on the way up Kings, and that was only because he’d already done the morning ride (6am out of Palo Alto) and was fried. Me? Still getting over my cold, plus being 37 degrees just after the start didn’t help either!

The speed was enhanced by the presence of Chris, making one of his relatively-rare appearances. He’s got this way of flying down the west side of 84, and this morning, a corner where we usually do about 32? I saw 37.5. Had to change my normal line a bit.

Overall some pretty serious horsepower. Happy to finish the same day as the rest! –Mike–

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A wet & beautiful morning

Yes, it would have been nice if it hadn’t been wet, just like it would have been nice if I hadn’t missed Tuesday’s ride for business meetings in San Diego. But guess the rain bike needs a few more outings before retirement (when I get my Trek Boone cross bike built up). Bigger group than I expected, with Todd, JR, Eric & Kevin (pilot; my son has a nasty cold). Slow up Kings, recovered on Skyline, nice final climb up West Old LaHonda before a slightly-sketchy descent on 84.

Yes, it hurts after a few days off the bike, sitting in a conference room, eating too much, but it would hurt even more to not ride. Besides, we have to prove how much more reliable a bike is than SFO airport, which barely allowed me to get home from San Diego Wednesday night due to a light drizzle. This time of year, if you have a choice, fly via San Jose. Far more reliable!

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