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Back for a few days, time to fly again

Less than a week after returning to France it’s time to head to the Midwest, Wisconsin specifically, to see Trek’s dealer show. Most of the bike news has already been released (like the new Madone 9 aero road bike) but there will be plenty of other things to go over, and an opportunity to test-ride new product as well.

Kinda sucks though, getting into shape by riding 8 days in a row in France, and then coming back and losing out on a lot of regular riding! Hate that. Hopefully tomorrow morning I’ll wake up early enough before the flight to get out on a ride with Kevin. That’s the plan anyway!

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It’s over, it’s time to come home

IMG_3171sky_partyThere was never much doubt that Froome and Team Sky were going to pull it off this year; it wasn’t until the penultimate stage (Alpe d’Huez, when Quintana attacked) that looked like it was even possible to put a dent in their machine. So if you were looking for drama, not much there. But even with the conclusion not too much in doubt, there are so many side stories, battles for other podium spots and jerseys, that keep it interesting. In fact, watching some of the coverage, you had two entirely separate races going on, so who do you give airtime to?

Lotto Soudal's invincible leadout train that helped Greipel win the final stage.
Lotto Soudal’s invincible leadout train that helped Greipel win the final stage.
But for us, that being myself and my son Kevin, it was 8 solid days of riding in a row, plus Paris at the end. The funny thing about Paris, a non-riding day, is that it is a lot more tiring than any of the others! Oh sure, you’re not drenched in sweat, your pee isn’t bright orange and the consistency of jello (mostly kidding…mostly), your legs aren’t talking to you about that extra 20 pounds of gear you’re lugging up the hills. But figuring out where you need to be, and when, and how to get through a city that’s had most of its access shut down… that’s not so easy. But eventually we got were we were supposed to be. Well, not quite. We really need to be home, and that’s still a day and a half away.

Planes, trains & automobiles. Nothing about bikes! But for now the bikes and the trains and the cars are finished for this trip; it’s just a couple of planes back home. Finally get to see my daughter Becky and my wife Karen again, and the crazy psycho Corgi and our new killer kitty. I’m ready. I think Kevin is too. –Mike–

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