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Rain is fun, drizzle? I waited it out for wimpy ride

Not the best conditions to ride this morning. Light drizzle is about the worst conditions for a ride over the hill, so I decided to wait things out, let the roads dry, and stay on the bay side. Of course, had it been raining heavily, I’d have been out on the rain bike and off to the coast for sure!

So just an easy solo ride to Sunnyvale & back, with a stop at the old store location in Los Altos, which is still, after two years, empty. Not quite so easy on the way back though; got passed by someone on a pretty old Trek, a bike we sold him back in 1998 or so. Of course, I had to try and keep pace with him, eventually catching up at a stoplight. Turns out it was a good customer of ours from the wayback days, Roger S, on a bike I sold him. That old bike is just not slowing him down enough! Of course, out of pride, I had to ride to his side, not draft behind. Pride is over-rated.

Very nice Thursday-morning ride!

Tuesday’s ride was cold and got colder, resulting in a pretty slow ride up Kings, slow enough that we ran out of time for the West Old LaHonda loop. Something we’ve been making a habit of lately, and really had to stop. This morning, it stopped.

Funny how “warm” 44 degrees can feel. You can certainly climb better at 44 than 38; partly because you’re wearing less clothing. And I think partly because Kevin and I are getting back into the routine again, although it would be nice if that routine included more than just the two of us. I felt pretty OK climbing up through the Park, at least until that final steep straight stretch up to Kings. Pretty much died on that, but at least my baggy leg warmers (couldn’t find the good ones) caused us to stop so I could pull them back up before continuing. A brief break in the action. After that? For reasons unknown I actually felt pretty good the rest of the way. Another day where I felt just a bit better than Kevin, but I do recognize this, too, shall pass.

We had a nice run across Skyline, punctuated by a longer-than-usual stop at the one-lane section where they’re STILL repairing the hillside? After what, two years? And, while still running behind any semblance of a normal schedule, we made the right turn heading towards West Old LaHonda, where I pulled on the entire descent. This was definitely a ride where I felt better as it went.