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Ride reports for everything *but* the Tuesday-Thursday morning ride

Better late than never to announce no ride Thanksgiving morning

Well yes, I should have gotten around to this a while ago! Thanksgiving Day I’ll be on a place with my wife heading to Rome (via Frankfurt). Two weeks off the bike! I’m going to be coming back fat & slow, for sure. There’s the slightest possibility I’ll spend a little time in a gym, but it’s not particularly high. In the meantime…
This was pretty cool. Monday night, riding home, I lost my best home-made (by Becky) mask. I didn’t know where, but by the time I got home, it wasn’t around my neck anymore. Kevin and I rode to work after Tuesday morning’s ride, looking for it and, sure enough, there it was, just a couple blocks from the shop. Lying in the street. That mask, one of 6, has been with me pretty much since the beginning of the pandemic, and I’d planned on using the 4 remaining on the trip I’m taking with my wife.
And Tuesday-morning’s ride? Pretty darned slow! Pretty darned cold at the beginning, which doesn’t help me, but gradually warmed up as we climbed Kings. And I gradually felt better.

Page Mill up/RWG down. Or vice versa. Which is easier?

One of the steeper sections of Page Mill, with a few cyclists ahead, none of whom I was considering chasing down.
Not sure how I let Kevin rope me into Page Mill again. The original plan was to do the traditional Pescadero/Tunitas ride, and I’m really not sure what kept us from that. At first it was because Kevin wanted to do something shorter, but what we ended up doing was actually a bit longer. It did prevent us from having to climb Redwood Gulch, but not sure if that’s actually tougher than Page Mill?

The Page Mill/Hwy9/return via foothill routing includes that long drag between Page Mill and Highway 9, which Strava says is under 27 minutes of suffering, so how bad can it really be? It just seems to go on forever. As weak as I felt climbing Page Mill, I felt strong on Skyline. As I’ve said before, the really steep stuff kills me. I just can’t maintain the power.

Overall a good ride, better than expected. And my last longer ride for a while; I leave on vacation with my wife for two weeks starting Thanksgiving Day. A very long time off a bike!