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Ride reports for everything *but* the Tuesday-Thursday morning ride

A Day at the Races followed by “Ugly” ride

Kevin looking "Pro" with a pair of cameras hanging from his neck
Kevin looking “Pro” with a pair of cameras hanging from his neck

I really should have gotten out on an early ride this morning, and then taken Kevin to the Burlingame Criterium so we could practice taking race photos before heading to France. But I really hadn’t settled on heading to the Burlingame Crit until the last moment, much too late to get in a ride first. Ideally, we could have ridden to the race, but Kevin’s not yet cleared to ride (and won’t be until at least after an MRI on his right hand Tuesday morning).

Kevin did get to feel kinda “pro” with two camera bodies hanging from his neck, one with his workhorse 55-250mm lens, the other with an 11-22mm wide angle I let him borrow. Kid with a new toy; he got some pretty nice pictures from the wide angle. Looks like it will be in the kit we bring to France. What won’t be is the “Africa” lens, the massive 150-600mm zoom. Just too much to handle, certainly too big to be carrying up monster climbs on a bike! It really made me appreciate the light weight and reasonable size of my 70-200 F4l.

Best "kit" we saw at the races; check out her matching nails!
Best “kit” we saw at the races; check out her matching nails!

It was 3:30 by the time we got home, which, this time of year, isn’t too late to get out for a good ride. But, since it couldn’t be a “real” ride (long distance), it had to be “ugly.” And nothing’s uglier than heading north on Canada to 92 & up to Skyline, then south. Lots of traffic on 92 but it was the heavy headwind that made it not-so-fun. The traffic itself doesn’t feel like a safety issue, but the noise is deafening.

Skyline heading south was actually fun, with a bit of a tailwind allowing me to keep my speed up. I took a brief stop at Skegg’s to check out the view, but the spot off the parking lot set up to see the bay is so overgrown you can’t see much anymore. How sad, thinking that trees are getting in the way of the view!

There's a house in the background with a "million dollar view." I get dozens of "million dollar views" every time I ride. So what's my bike worth?
There’s a house in the background with a “million dollar view.” I get dozens of “million dollar views” every time I ride. So what’s my bike worth?

At Sky Londa I headed west to Old LaHonda where I tried to save a snake (too late; it was squirming around but punctured by a bird that had dropped it onto the road) and made a couple of stops just to admire the view. You don’t always have to be in a rush!

After descending back into Woodside I came across an old customer (that doesn’t sound right!), John & his wife, on a tandem. I complained it wasn’t fair, two engines on one bike, and thought about the days my wife and I used to ride a tandem… a lot. But at some point the decision had to be made… keep riding the tandem or stay married. Glad that John figured out how to do both!  –Mike–

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An interesting Father’s Day ride

IMG_1096imagesAnother solo ride today, since it’s going to be a bit before Kevin’s back on the bike after his accident. He’s actually healing up fairly well, except that an issue has shown up in his right hand that could be a small fracture but it won’t show up on x-ray for a while. It was a bit frustrating, seeing kids out riding with their dads, but Kevin will be back riding soon. Just as it was a bit frustrating yesterday that I couldn’t attend the memorial service for Jobst Brandt, the guy who introduced me to the Santa Cruz Mountains, so many years ago. In fact, it was a Jobst ride that first brought me to the lake in LaHonda. So now we have two of the four photos above explained. :-)

A bit different ride than normal; no loop out to Pescadero this time. Instead I went up 84 (not Old LaHonda) to check out the site where the car hit Kevin last Tuesday, so I could take some photos and gain some clarity in my mind for how it happened. Pretty much nothing to see here, move along. Doesn’t make sense that anybody thought they could thread the needle and squeeze between Kevin and an oncoming car. From there I continued up & over the hill, and in LaHonda spent some time at the duck pond, noticing some very large frogs for the first time.

And then it was time for West Alpine. I was a little bit concerned about taking on a “big” climb, after feeling a bit of pain in my left knee after Thursday morning’s ride, pain which persisted and only very gradually diminished with time. Fortunately, riding seemed to make it better, and my time up West Alpine was my second-best since 2009. I can live with that. Seems that I can climb a bit faster on my own than with Kevin, because I do much better at a steady speed, and Kevin’s pacing is all over the map.

Now those last two photos. Photo #3 is easy; a guy out on Arastradero Road riding in Chain Reaction colors! The last photo is a bit more cryptic. My bike over one of those “stop your bike here to trigger the green light” things… only the light wouldn’t change. It’s a real problem with my current bike because it has too much carbon fiber (including the rims) and not enough aluminum, so the sensing coils don’t pick it up. Hate that. But not enough to want to ride a bike that’s not as light & fast though! :-)

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