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Ride reports for everything *but* the Tuesday-Thursday morning ride

In search of “Bliss”

My "blissful" cycling scene, descending Stage Road just north of Pescadero

My “blissful” cycling scene, descending Stage Road just north of Pescadero

Yesterday I came across an article about the default Windows XP screen display, that green hillside setting that it’s estimated has been seen by over 1 billion people. You can read about it here. The image is called “Bliss” and it got me thinking… is it really that different from what I see most every time I get out on my bike?

So today I set out on a somewhat challenging ride that, as I approached the coast, became blissful. I actually took the time to stop at many places along the way, taking photos, looking for that shot you might see in an advertisement (or on a computer screen).

The ride itself was the reverse Pescadero wit h West Alpine added as a kicker. Head up Old LaHonda, down 84 to San Gregorio, south on Stage Road, east on Pescadero Road over Haskins the hard way, then up West Alpine, north on Skyline and back down 84 into Woodside. A tough 67 miles but surprisingly a bit tougher than normal when you don’t stick to it but instead make frequent stops along the way.

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Coastal Classic Week 2 and dubious Strava accomplishment

descending_kingsSecond week in a row of doing the “Coastal Classic” (Woodside/Pescadero/Tunitas) loop, and it’s not getting any easier. In fact, today felt like the toughest yet, but some of that might have been from a bit of fatigue due to getting up early to watch the finish of Paris Roubaix, and then heading down to Kaiser Santa Clara to get Kevin out of the hospital.

It was a really late start; 2:05pm or so, one of those racing-the-sun rides. On my own again; it’s going to be nearly 7 weeks before Kevin’s ready to do any serious riding again, and not knowing when I’d be picking him up precluded plans to ride with others.

I forced myself to climb all of Old LaHonda seated, definitely not my normal style, but figured I should try something a bit different. Besides, you get better video that way (less wobbly). But with almost nobody else out on the road, the video is pretty boring. Not a bad idea to build up different muscles, and a test of will-power, as you find yourself rationalizing all sorts of ways to stand up for a moment or two that wouldn’t constitute cheating on the concept. But can’t do that; it wasn’t the plan.

Old LaHonda rolled past in just under 23, Haskins just over 10, and Tunitas from coast to top in a very-frustrating 50:14. But in-between I was pushing pretty hard, making good time despite some pretty strong headwinds.

I finished the ride feeling… well, finished! I was definitely running out of power climbing Tunitas, and it felt really good having muscles that felt like they’d done something.

Ah, nearly forgot about the “dubious Strava accomplishment.” PR for descending Kings, now 14th on the list out of 294 for the stop-sign to stop-sign segment. I’m getting slower climbing, but faster descending. Would definitely rather have it the other way around.

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