Winter is coming

Summer is clearly over; we saw, for the first time in many months, temps below 45 up on Skyline. Hate that. It didn’t seem that cold, although by the end of the ride the toes did feel a bit on the cool side.

Just Kevin (not the pilot) and JR today, and nice, for once, to not be the proverbial “weakest link” as JR was taking it a bit easier. I hung with Kevin about halfway up Kings before having to let him ride away. I actually did feel pretty good, and think Sunday’s “Ugly ride” might be the reason. It’s not like I was riding fast up the hill, but at least I wasn’t crawling. 🙂

Every picture tells a story, don’t it?

It’s good to be back. Back to semi-normal. It’s not like I could keep up with (younger) Kevin all the way up the hill, although it seemed like a possibility. Instead I circled back at the wide-open clearing on Kings, waiting for the other (pilot) Kevin.

Why hang back? Because I don’t like to leave people behind by themselves. It’s just the way I am. If there are others back there, fine. If someone’s just climbing slow by choice and I’m feeling like I could get a good time, fine. But if someone’s struggling, different story and today, at that point in the ride, Kevin (pilot) was struggling.

Nice morning once up on top; mid-50s and a great views from West Old LaHonda. We did get put 10 minutes behind schedule due to the roadwork on Skyline though.