Back to Facebook posts for our France trip

Realistically, posting to WordPress directly just isn’t working. Why? Because it takes so darned long to process photos, cutting them down to size. Facebook does that automatically, and Facebook works right from your phone. Hate that, and there’s no question that typing things from your phone losses a lot in translation as you stumble over yourself typing on a tiny fake keyboard at a dramatically slower pace than I would on a computer. But here’s what we’ve got.

Tomorrow, we plan to revisit one of our favorite cliff roads, opposite Alpe d’Huez. It requires an early start, so while Kevin’s been asleep I’ve been piling up more endless travel-day hours getting things ready. Let’s see… this “day” began Sunday morning 6:30am and presently, it’s 1:09pm going by the same clocks… so I’ve been up a bit over 30 hours, and maybe, could be, two hours of sleep somewhere in all that. I’m going to crash hard tonight! But that’s always my plan, stay up until normal time wherever I’ve traveled, making for a really long “day” and then I fall asleep and wake up pretty much used to the new time!