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Finally an “A”-rated rain ride!

I’ll admit Wednesday night, while taking out the garbage in the wind and rain, I wondered why I ought to be looking forward to a wet ride the next morning. At the end of the day you’re thinking about a nice warm bed and the thought of putting on your winter rain gear and heading out into a cold, wet and windy storm sometimes doesn’t seem too appealing. You even wonder if you’re going to wimp out. Why not? Who could blame you? Plus it was going to be solo, since Kevin had to deal with a girlfriend distraught over s dog issue.

But… you get up, go through all the motions, and momentum carries you through. And so glad it did because this was the first really soaking rain in ages. Had to stop under the Canada/280 overpass to put on my waterproof jacket, which never came off for the rest of the ride.

Windy? A bit, but our route is pretty well sheltered; you hear it more than feel it. Not much debris on the road but lots to the side; the road crews must have had a busy night.

While much wetter than Tuesday, it was also much more comfortable; HUGE difference between 38 and 42 degrees when raining!

So a very good ride shared by nobody else on the road.

Almost breathable air!

It was a long time coming but finally, as noon approached, things started looking just a bit better. The air pollution numbers started to trend down and I was able to convince Kevin it wouldn’t be a ridiculous idea to ride.

Being Sunday he assumed it would be out to the coast but I was thinking maybe stay in the foothills, ride to Los Altos for coffee, and then take Kevin on some new roads up above Los Altos that connect to Moody. He thought we’d just be heading back DOWN Page Mill, but the nicer air had me wanti g to head UP. An odd thing, me wanting to go up Page Mill. It was not fast but it felt good to get in a real climb.

Very few others out on the road. Almost seemed post apocalyptic at times. Hard to believe everyone was staying indoors. I’ve gone nuts the past couple days, just from missing my short commute to work.

Hopefully the air will continue to improve, although the news said one more day of bad stuff.