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Rain, Donuts, Last run for Mainstreet Coffee…

On the left, Kevin & Kevin getting their jackets on for the descent into Sky Londa. Center, my bike drags me to Donut King on the way to work. Right, Kevin making his very last run to Mainstreet Coffee for… Coffee… on their final day in business

A busy past couple of days! Thursday morning’s ride was a repeat of last Thursday morning’s ride, with rain/drizzle that ran through the first part of the ride, wet roads all the way until the very end, when the sun comes out, just as the forecast said it would. But this time we didn’t just climb Kings and return, choosing to skip out on only the West Old LaHonda section. Kevin (pilot) was the only person joining Kevin (my son) and I, but that’s one more person than last week! No records anywhere, pretty easy ride up Kings, and the younger Kevin is still not back up to speed. Hopefully that will change soon.

On the commute to the shop my bike forced me to detour to Donut King. Must be a bad steering bearing or something, because it keeps happening.

And today? The very last time for a coffee run to Mainstreet Coffee, near the shop. The owners have sold the place after recognizing that the land was worth a lot more than what they were making at the business, so they cashed out. Pretty sad, but I understand. Not an issue I’ll ever face because we don’t own either of our locations, but I know of two bike local bike shops whose land is worth far, far more than whatever income they’re generating from their retail business.

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Yes Burt, I rode Thursday!

morning_rays_fb_templateYes, missed a few days posting, but not the rides. Things have been very, very busy at the shop, as usually happens prior to Labor Day. The new bike survived Thursday’s ride through the park just fine, although it still hadn’t been properly fine-tuned, but that bike is so awesome that it rides amazingly-well even if the front derailleur is set a quarter inch too high and the battery is rattling around inside the seat tube, making quite a racket.

It’s all good now. I took care of those items on Thursday at the shop, and it was almost eerily-silent on the ride home.

If only it was as easy to work on people as it is (sometimes) on bikes. Kevin’s still having kidney issues, missing Thursday’s ride for another “look inside” procedure, and is in a bit of pain from yet-another stent that’s been installed to prevent scarring. Hopefully he’ll be able to get in a good ride Sunday, or at least Monday.

Two days off in a row. Thinking I need that about now! –Mike–

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