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It’s going to be a long road back

First time on a bike since Sunday afternoon’s easy “loop” ride, and today it was nothing more than riding to the shop in the morning, and then home in the evening. Actually felt better riding home than heading to work; seems that my cough & hacking are more of an issue on the flats than climbing. Theories? None. Well, maybe. Maybe it’s all about the forced rhythm you can attain when climbing?

But it did feel good to work up a sweat climbing up the hill to home, and having to take a shower before dinner. Makes me feel like I can still do something. But scary how much strength & endurance it feels like you can lose in just 10 days.

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Reports of my demise have been greatly exagerrated

Did that “Doctor” thing this morning. So it comes down to this- I had a nasty virus that has run its course but will likely have a hacking cough for… 2 to 3 weeks!!!??? And I’m cleared to ride. Hard. I asked that. Does the Doctor have a clue what that really means? Well, maybe. I just looked up his info on Kaiser, and he’s big into sports medicine and played soccer on school teams. Dang, I should have done more research first… maybe he’s the guy prescribing EPO!

More seriously, I am going to ask him about who I see for a more-thorough analysis of my breathing issues. You tell a Doctor that you have no issue riding 115 miles, it’s like falling off a rock, but you can’t get up Kings as fast as you want because your breathing is so bad that you sound like a steam engine and they just look at you like, what’s the issue here???

AS for riding in the morning, we’ll see. I really do look forward to “epic” rides, but the idea of gagging and hacking through one doesn’t hold much appeal.

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