From Tuesday’s heat to today’s cool & wet on Skyline- things change fast!

Before getting to the most-rides-
Sunday’s plan was for the full coast run, Pescadero & Tunitas. But once up top and viewing the fogged-in coast, that plan was scrapped without too much thought. In the days before my hand’s sensitivity to cooler weather, it would have been no big deal. But Sunday’s ick would have required that I’d brought my electrically-heated gloves along, and I just wasn’t interested in yet another ride with winter gloves.

So we headed south on Skyline to Page Mill, then descended into Los Altos via Moody. We did take a slightly-different route past the golf course; instead of turning left, we headed right. In the end, you still climb about the same amount. No big hills, just 51 miles. Meh.

Tuesday, our first fling with real heat in the SF Bay Area. Yay, got to dispense with base layers and leg warmers! Sharp contrast to this-morning’s ride, where it was cold & drizzly up on top.

My power was nowhere to be found today, but Kevin at least was feeling a bit better, with his knee telling him it’s there, but no sharp shooting pain like before. But while there’s no power, endurance isn’t an issue, so maybe I’ll be OK in France.

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