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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Just another pretty picture

IMG_7575kingsJust a few of us this morning, myself, Kevin (pilot), JR & George. A leisurely ride up Kings among the giant Redwoods, so leisurely that even I could talk. That’s 32 minutes leisurely if anyone’s asking.

At the top Kevin K & George headed down Tunitas while JR and I continued on the regular route at a more normal pace. I even had something in the legs to push a bit on Skyline, something I don’t normally do, but after such an easy ride up Kings, the legs really felt like they had to do something. That’s kind of an odd notion, the idea that there’s something in the legs that has to be let out, but I think 40 years of doing this ride has trained my body to expect a reasonable effort.

In the end JR and I weren’t any further behind schedule than we were at the top of Kings, an indication the ride returned to “normal” after Kevin K and George took off in a different direction. Overall a very nice day to be out on a bike, but would have been much nicer if Kevin (my son) had been there to enjoy it with us. Tomorrow he’s got a visit with the doctor to find out just how long it might be before he’s literally back in the saddle again. –Mike–

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The Return of Chris

IMG_7532topofkingsA bit strange getting up in the morning for a ride without Kevin, but it’s going to be a few days before he’s back up to speed. From my own experience, two days after a crash is when you feel the worst, so things will only get better from today-forward.

Smaller group today, with Karen, Karl, Eric and… Chris. Chris used to be a semi-regular who disappeared for a few years, ok, almost a decade, had a couple of kids, started racing, stopped racing because he thought it was dangerous, and now he might be back with us once in a while. There were two different versions of Chris on the ride this morning; the “social” Chris, hanging back on the climb and talking with Karl & Karen, and the super-fast-guy we remember and fear from days past, who sets a pace on Tripp Road that is almost impossible to stay with, even though he’s doing far more work. I can’t imagine the wattage he puts out when he’s in that mode. Maybe trying to hold onto that wheel is the reason my left knee is a bit sore, first time… ever?

Or it could have been from a bit earlier, trying to hang onto Karl’s wheel on the upper section of West Old LaHonda, and powering hard up that last steep section to Skyline. But it wasn’t from the final sprint near the end of the ride; Karl took off and I was way too spent to stay on his wheel. No contest there.

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