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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Who was she?


In the inset, upper left, the mystery woman is the rider on the right. In the big picture, she’s at the very front, leading the pack up Skeggs at a speed I couldn’t hold. Hate that!

It was like any other Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride, only different. Nigel, George, George’s friend Glen from The Morning Ride, Karen & JR. I don’t know if Nigel already knew Glen or not (both are from the UK; wouldn’t any cyclist in the UK know every other cyclist?), but the two of them took off like a rocket up Kings, while the rest of us headed up at a casual pace. I couldn’t have done too much more; my legs still a bit tired from Sunday’s ride, but still, without a hard effort up the first part of Kings, they just never really seem to get going. It seems I need pain, early in the ride, to do better later.

Later came all too soon; just before the top of Kings we spotted a lone rider ahead of us, and we very slowly reeled her in. I exchanged as much of a pleasantry as my lungs can manage (“hello”) and we continued on, pausing briefly to regroup at the top. She kept going, same direction as us, north on Skyline. Once again, every so gradually, we reeled her in, Karen leading the charge. I was spent holding Karen’s wheel, and things only got worse when we caught the mystery woman, as she just went faster, pulling our group along for the next mile or so. Everyone except me, as I had fallen off the back at the base of Skeggs. On the descent into Sky Londa I caught up and passed her; descending apparently not being her strong point. She headed back down 84 to Woodside, while our group headed down the other side to West Old LaHonda, but not before I’d queried everyone as to whether they found out anything about her, invited her out for our regular ride, anything at all. The only communication turned out to have come from George, who told her, simply, “good pull.”

Maybe I need to print out business cards for the ride, so I can hand them out when we come across someone who might enjoy suffering with us. In the meantime, can anyone identify who this woman was, and let her know she’s welcome to join us, any Tuesday or Thursday morning, 7:45am at the intersection of Canada Road & Olive Hill? –Mike–

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A bit cooler at the start, but beautiful once we got warmed up

Not too many of us today; myself, JR, Kevin (pilot), Eric, Nigel… No sign of Karen, although we did have a Karl sighting at the end. Pretty easy pace up Kings, partly due to Kevin’s body reacting to over-training. He said he didn’t ride too hard yesterday, never mind that he did both Page Mill and West Alpine.

The fog burned off nicely half way up Kings but still glad to have leg warmers and a base layer.

April. I can safely say that April is the first month of truly great and reliable riding weather. From now through October is pretty darned awesome. A few days here and there without leg warmers, the sun hasn’t set before the shop closes, and it’s up when the alarm goes off at 6:55am. It’s also time to start riding faster, especially downhill, where the dry roads and warmer temps help to keep you loose and fast. Not as fast as Nigel though!

Seven weeks from now Kevin (my son, not the pilot) will be working his way back into shape, missing a lot of great riding weather. Too bad the kidney issue didn’t show up at a more convenient time! Yet it won’t be too long after that that he’s beating me up the hill. Again. Probably by the end of June, just a few weeks before France. That’s cutting it pretty close. ┬áHopefully not too close.

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