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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Yep, rode Tuesday, rode Today. Rattlesnakes & Corgis & new rider!

IMG_1258tiger_lanceFirst things first; Tuesday we did ride, but dreadfully slow up Kings, so slow that the rest of the guys rode on ahead before Kevin and I got to the top. The lost fitness from the weeks Kevin couldn’t ride have certainly had their effect! We did catch up to the group later on, by riding the West Old LaHonda loop in reverse. Kevin, thankfully, got progressively-faster as we went, a good sign.

Today? First of all, we’re back to leg warmers. What’s up with that? Gray outside, but a cheerful group with Karl, Karen, Kevin (pilot), JR, Mark P and… Mark brought along someone new to the ride, Liz. Liz may not have been the fastest up Kings this morning, but that might have had something to do with the Ironman she did just a week ago (in 106 degree heat, yikes!). I had a bit of fun keeping an eye on things towards the back and then riding back up to the Karl/Karen/Kevin/Mark group, then dropping back, repeating until dead. Eventually I eased up a bit and rode the rest of the way up with Liz whom, near as I can tell, is a very nice person.

It was foggy & wet & not-so-warm up on Skyline; I saw 48 degrees at one point, making Kevin (son, not the pilot) and I quite thankful we were wearing legwarmers. Someone else was giving me a bad time about my exposed arms, thinking I should have arm warmers, but why? My arms don’t get cold, and they’re so skinny arm warmers won’t stay on them anyway.

On West Old LaHonda it wasn’t the view that was interesting; there was no view, just gray. But there was a fairly-large coiled rattlesnake on the road, unfortunately dead before we got to him. Looked like something tore a chunk out of his side. I, of course, stopped, which for some reason surprised Kevin. Why he was surprised I don’t know; I always stop to remove snakes from the road. They don’t deserve to be run over. Liz, by the way, had no trouble holding to anyone’s wheel climbing West Old LaHonda. Too bad; at one point I was getting a bit gassed and thought hey, I’ll drop back and see if there’s anyone riding slower. Er… nope. Not today!

On the way back we saw the two Corgis in the picture, Lance & Tiger. Yes, they’re named after Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods, born in the heyday of each now-defrocked former sports hero. Well, Tiger’s trying to make a comeback, but so far, not much happening. The dogs, however, are very friendly and guilty of nothing more than inappropriate licking & sniffing.

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No Kevin quite yet

Kevin made his first, brief appearance on a bike, two weeks after the car knocked him off the road, on Wednesday, riding to work. It wasn’t much fun for him riding home; standing on a climb does a number on his right hand. The hope was that Wednesday we’d see that he was ready to resume the regular Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride, but not quite yet. Close, but not there.

So this morning it was just me, Eric, Karl, Karen… and Todd. I was keeping an eye on the rear, from the rear. Nobody was going to slip (backward) past me! This I am good at. About 3/4 of the way up the hill I had an excuse to stop for a bit, helping a woman who’d gotten a flat from a carpet tack. Just like Eric had half an hour before (Eric often climbs Kings before our ride, and then again with us… as if once up Kings isn’t enough?). It appears these carpet tacks are deliberately thrown onto the road for the “benefit” of cyclists, making me a bit reluctant to want to descend Kings anytime soon. Climbing, no biggie, a flat tire climbing isn’t going to be too dangerous.

Despite not feeling fast and the delay to help with someone’s flat tire we still ended the ride just a couple minutes behind schedule, but I suspect we’ll see a bit slower pace as Kevin returns, finally, next week.

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