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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

A few hours ahead of the real storm

36 degrees and light rain, a bit of wind, but hardly epic.
It was another one of those nights where you go to bed knowing it’s going to be wet in the morning, but that’s pretty much it… just wet. Nothing nasty, nothing wild, nothing epic. It’s going to make a mess of your bike, and at least you’re going to be really thankful you have a “rain” bike for days like this ‘cuz your nice bike would be seriously trashed by the end of the ride.

The guy on Kings with the way-low seat
At least, up on Skyline, it was fairly cold. It took a while to get there, probably 36 minutes or so, as neither Kevin nor I (or any of the other people who didn’t show up) weren’t feelng really fast this morning. We did pass a guy we’ve seen before on the way up, notable for not wearing leg warmers (in weather like this???) and a seat that’s way way way too low. I wasn’t positive it was a low seat causing his knees to kick out about a foot away from his bike at the top of each pedal stroke, but as we passed, yep, definitely a too-low seat. No helmet either, but hey, wet roads, maybe if you crash you just slide right?

At the top we caught up with Millo, a used-to-be-regular on our ride before he got sensible and started riding with a group that goes out about the time our group returns. Not sure what inspired him to come out on a day like this, but the company was appreciated, and the added visibility of yet another bright-yellow-clad cyclist in the group couldn’t hurt!

Due to the slow climb we ran out of time to do the West Old LaHonda loop, heading directly back down 84 from SkyLonda. Overall a nice ride, but would have been even-nice had we had some real rain, not just light drizzle, to accompany the 36 degrees. That would have made it epic, not merely messy. And yeah, if you want to think I’m nuts, I’m not going to try and talk you out of it.

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Am I ready for Mt. Hamilton?

The last Tuesday-Thursday morning ride of the year, following JR, Kevin and Marcus up Kings Mtn. Would it be so bad, for the new year, to have a wish for “selective” global warming? Make it just a little bit nicer riding through Woodside by borrowing some heat from a place that has too much?
The past year hasn’t bene too kind to my cycling abilities, but everything starts anew this Sunday right? And it starts out with a bang, as Kevin and I do our annual Mt. Hamilton gig. If things go according to plan, we’ll be taking the #422 Caltrain, which arrives in San Jose at 9:53am. It’s not quite the last stop; 7 minutes later it heads just a bit further south to the Tamien station, so if you’re planning to ride up the hill as well, don’t fall asleep!

It takes about 35 minutes from the train station to the base of the climb, so figure we’ll start riding up at about 10:40 or so. We’ll be at the top a bit after 12:30.

It takes almost exactly an hour to descend Mt. Hamilton to the base (Alum Rock), and another half hour to get back to the train station. Trains leave every hour, on the hour, so if we leave by 12:50 we can make it to the 2pm train for our return. This plan is highly susceptible to change based on my speed up the hill! If today’s ride is any indication, it’s not likely to be as fast as previous climbs up the hill.

Anyway, below is the Strava info from last years’ ride, if you want to get an idea of pacing. Temps are forecast as basically cold, so bring extra layers to put on for the cold trip back down the mountain!

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