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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Catch-up day (Tuesday & Thursday rides)

Emerging from the fog on Kings
Emerging from the fog on Kings
Never got around to writing about Tuesday’s ride! Warm enough no need for leg warmers, had JR, Kevin, Kevin, Mark P, Karen and Marcus with us. Kevin (younger Kevin, not the pilot) was a bit apprehensive about being out there; hadn’t slept too well the night before after breaking up with his girl friend a day before. By the end of the ride Kevin was feeling much better about things.

This morning… didn’t go quite so well. We had JR, Karen and Scotty and younger Kevin. Younger Kevin started feeling pain in his side after starting up Kings, and it got progressively worse as he climbed. I sent everyone else on up ahead and rode with Kevin as far as the clearing before deciding turing around and heading back made sense, because otherwise, at his pace, we wouldn’t finish the ride for a day or two. I suspect that Kevin’s still feeling the effects of his breakup… I think he’s feeling better about the world each day that passes, but I can remember what it was like, way way way back in the day.

Meantime, I’m left with wondering how beautiful it must have been up on Skyline this morning! Very rarely do I ever start up a hill and turn back. Hate that.

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Pretty nice this morning; where was everybody?

Ride home this evening, at an easy, sweat-free pace due to plumbing problems at home that meant no showers for a while. Hey, it's better than most excuses for an easy ride!
Ride home this evening, at an easy, sweat-free pace due to plumbing problems at home that meant no showers for a while. Hey, it’s better than most excuses for an easy ride!
This morning we finally saw Kevin (the kid) back on his bike, after a week off due to those pesky recurring kidney pains he’s prone to. Kinda strange that it started out only with the two of us; no older Kevin (he was flying back from Sydney), no JR, no Eric, no Karen or Scotty or Karl. We did pick up Marcus just before starting up the hill though… somebody to keep Kevin company as I rode a bit behind.

It was actually quite nice up on top; the morning fog disappeared shortly after the climb up through the park, and once again, the roads were dry! Probably the first time in ages where cleaning my bike hasn’t immediately been rewarded with damp roads that re-trashed my drivetrain.

A bit odd heading out towards West Old LaHonda with just myself and Kevin (Marcus rides only as far as his house off Skyline), but probably best there was nobody pushing Kevin too hard, after being off the bike for so long.

The photo at the top? That’s on the way home from work. Two weeks ago, we were riding home in daylight! Guess Summer is moving on.

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