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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Feeling better about France

I’m not climbing as fast as I’d like to be, not yet, not on Kings anyway, but my weight is back down to within a pound of its lightest last year, and, more importantly, Kevin, who had the car run into him three weeks ago, got a clean bill of health on the hand that might have had a scaphoid fracture. That means I can scuttle “Plan B” for the trip to France, that being a way to do the Tour de France trip without actually riding bikes.

That might be interesting, but I don’t think it would have been much fun!

This trip will be the first, I think, where we’ve only stayed in two places, this time 9 days in Grenoble and one final night in Paris. It’s really nice not having to move around so much and getting to settle in to a place, and in this case, it looks like a pretty nice place in Grenoble that we’ll be settling into! Dishwasher, washing machine, lots of space, 200 feet from the train station and car rental. Probably just two stages that we’ll have to use a rental car to access, Alpe d’Huez and Pra Loup.

As for today’s ride, let’s see, we had Eric, Karl, Kevin (Pilot), JR and Keith. Second time this week for Keith. At lest this time he was handicapping himself with a backpack as he flew up Kings! I was doing OK, nothing great, but held back at the clearing for JR to catch up.

I doubt that Kevin (my son) will be out on Thursday-morning’s ride, but hopefully he’ll be riding to work on Thursday and feeling like something “real” on Sunday. Just 15 days before we leave so can’t waste much more time!

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I *am* the weakest link. Good-bye!

IMG_6138kingsA couple days late in this report; maybe the ride took more out of me than I thought!

It was a beautiful morning, no leg warmers needed. Karen, Karl, Eric, Kevin (pilot), and… uber-fast Keith and up & coming Jeff showed up. Ouch. Apparently it was Keith and Jeff at the top, with Jeff probably a bit confused about why it’s such a high honor that Keith was playing with him. I was nowhere near them; as you can see in the photo, I lost contact about halfway up.

I actually felt halfway decent on the section through the park, despite the fact that I forgot to use my Qvar inhaler before the ride. Warmer weather is definitely a help for me, no question.

On West Old LaHonda I came so so so close to hanging onto the fast wheels on the upper section, but just couldn’t quite get there. I’m trying to remember the three ahead of me; Keith for sure, Kevin (pilot) I think, and that would make the last one Jeff? I was too wasted to sprint up that last bit at the end, the one part of this ride that I “own.”

Update on Kevin (my son, not the pilot)- Next Tuesday morning he gets his MRI and finds out just how damaged his right hand really is. It’s possible that our upcoming trip to France could be without bikes, which would certainly change the nature of it. Spectators, not participants. But I’m hopeful that, somehow, Kevin will be back on a bike before then.

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