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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

I’d better get used to this feeling (but don’t have to like it)

Kevin’s making his comeback, and all I can do is try and get close enough to watch. Small group this morning; the two Kevins, Eric and me. The older Kevin (pilot) was tired, after back-to-back 70 mile days on the bike. Eric had ridden the morning ride before showing up for Kings. And Kevin? Younger Kevin? He was hoping Marcus would show so he could ride hard up the hill. Marcus showed, and didn’t disappoint.

I made it about halfway up the hill hanging onto Kevin and Marcus’s wheels before giving up and just trying to keep them in sight. A bit further up the road, at the big clearing, I circled and waited for the other two (Eric and Kevin) and rode the rest of the way up with them. Well, with Kevin anyway; at the beginning of the last steep section (before the archery range) I felt my front wheel roll over something and then heard what sounded like a leaf hitting the fork once per revolution. I know that sound. Air escaping from a very small hole in the tire. Dang. Eric rode on while Kevin (pilot) waited and helped with the tube replacement.

The delay put us so much behind schedule that we had to skip the West Old LaHonda loop and head straight back down 84. No drama on the descent this time (everyone stayed upright). Now I’ve got some missing miles to make up!

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Both Kevins fast up Kings; George goes boom on 84 descent

Time to take a break and enjoy the view on West Old LaHonda while Kevin has a mild seizure
Time to take a break and enjoy the view on West Old LaHonda while Kevin has a mild seizure
It was a pretty nice ride up until the end; the two Kevins going at it on Kings (I was in no position to witness a 25-minute time), nice ride up on Skyline with the sun’s rays beaming through the trees accented by a light fog. Things were going very well indeed, despite a small seizure Kevin (not the pilot) (it’s probably a good thing people with seizures aren’t pilots) had on West Old LaHonda. He did pick a beautiful spot for it.

I wasn’t really looking forward to the 84 descent, since the roads are in a bit of a mess and I don’t like variable road conditions (wet, dry, wet, dry, dry, wet, dry, rinse & repeat) but George throws a bit more caution to the wind under such situations. I was falling a bit behind him on the tighter corners, but catching back up to him pretty easily where the road straightened out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too close to him when he crashed in the final S-curves towards the end of the descent, so the video isn’t too great, but then again, if I was going his speed through those curves, the camera’s perspective might have been too impressive for my own health.

George hit a spot of damp pavement near the center of the road at the same time he was tightening his line, pulling across the corner, and down he went. Displaced mid-clavicle break, with surgery scheduled for Friday. I think I’ll stay conservative when it’s potentially damp like today.

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