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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Ride shortened by Kevin’s kidney stone; too bad, beautiful morning!

Riding up Jefferson, day or night, has become challenging where vegetation has taken over a good chunk of the road.
Funny how, on the most-beautiful day we’ve seen since Fall, only three of us showed up for the ride this morning. Myself, Kevin (not the pilot) and Karen. Hmm. It used to be easier saying “the kid” to desribe which Kevin, but at 24, is he really “the kid” anymore? Ah, touching on that age thing, more on that later!

I think the coldest temp we saw was 48 degrees, which seems downright toasty! By the end of the ride, upper 50s. And no rain. We’ve earned this. Unfortunately, Kevin didn’t get to enjoy it much, suffering the past few days with a kidney stone, which, after the ride, was bad enough to require a(nother) trip to the ER. He’s much better now, but since I had to back off my effort on the climb to stay with him, you can tell he wasn’t doing great this morning. But this morning, we had to cut the ride short, skipping the outlaw West Old LaHonda section entirely and instead heading straight down 84. It must have been beautiful on West Old LaHonda this morning!

I’m really looking forward to a long string of nice days ahead. The weather folk say no rain for the next 10 days, with temps in the upper 60s to low 70s. We’ve earned this.

Of course all that rain has given quite a growth spurt to roadside vegetation, as you can see in the photo above. I probably have to deal with the county road department; likely the same people who have said West Old LaHonda is shut down for bikes. Maybe they’ll be a bit more responsive to this; it’s getting dangerous, having the useful part of the lane eaten into so much.

OK, now that age thing. My wife was giving me a bad time tonight, asking me if I knew how old I’d be in 8 days. To which I replied, “8 days older than I am now.” Which is true! It’s not as if you suddenly wake up one morning feeling a full year older than the day before. “61” is just a number, nothing more. At least one nice thing about the timing of my birthday; it hits right when the weather starts getting better. That’s something I can look forward to!

The Outlaw Ride

Another active hillside on Skyline, near Swett Road. This one’s interesting because there are large water tanks in danger of having their foundations being undermined.
Hopefully the last of the sub-40 degree rides this morning; the long range weather forecast, for the first time in ages, shows no rain. NO RAIN!!! Also shows a gradual warming trend, with mid-to-upper 60s being the norm.

I figure I’ve got another two months before I can even start thinking about riding hard up Kings again. No, that’s not quite right. I’m riding hard right now! There’s nothing more to give. I’m just not going very fast. I’m hoping that another 12-15 degrees warmer and the old me will come back and I won’t be struggling to get a 31 minute time up Kings, like on today’s ride.

We finally had both Kevins again, with the younger Kevin, 5 days off the bike, seeming no worse for wear. How does that work? I’d be happy with 29-anything, even 29:59, but today? I wasn’t happy. At least I wasn’t happy when I was climbing. I hit the 3rd-way point OK, just under 10 (9:50 to the park entrance), so there was a slim possibility, very slim, of making it to the top under 30. Reality set in shortly after as Kevin, Kevin, Karen and Marcus dropped me at the halfway point, where I needed to be at 15 minutes but was looking at almost 16. At 1.41 miles to go, where, on a good day, you’ve got just 9 minutes (or less) to go, I was at almost 22. This was not going to be that 30 minute day. The final timing point, at the Archery range hairpin, I was at 26:16. On a really good day, you’re 4 minutes from the top. A really good day. I haven’t seen that day in quite some time! But I plan to again, soon as it gets warmer. Yeah, that’s the plan.

The photo at the top? A reminder that we might have seen the worst of winter, but there’s still a lot of potential for issues down the road. Each ride we see a bit more exposed roots from trees above the roads. Will drier weather arrest the process, or will the drying process itself result in more dirt falling away from the hillsides?

Nothing new to report on West Old LaHonda. Not that we’d be in a position to know.