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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Kevin’s making his comeback (so yes, we did ride yesterday)

The closeup shows some withered balloons tied to the Skyline/Old LaHonda sign. I kinda felt like those balloons a few times during the ride!

Life’s getting in the way of keeping up on the diary as quickly as I should; we’re heading into the busy time of year at the shop and still have a couple sales positions to fill in our Redwood City store, plus having to get ready for the bi-annual Trek sale later next week. Too much to do, too little time!

But always have to find time to ride. Thursday morning it was Kevin, Kevin, Karen, Eric and Nigel. Took me a bit to recall that Nigel was there, probably because I didn’t see much of him; soon as we exited the park onto Kings, he, and both Kevins, were gone. I had gamely hung in there during the steep run through the park but that was pretty much everything I had, and it was all I could do to keep some distance between myself and Eric and Karen behind (both of whom were intentionally riding easy). At the top of Kings I asked younger Kevin how it went up front; somehow he’d managed to hold off even Nigel at the end. Clearly, Kevin is finding his legs again!

This weekend I’d normally find out of I still have what it takes to run Kevin into the ground on a longer ride, but the weather forecast appears to be saying otherwise; 60% chance of showers. Time for the ‘cross bikes to morph from dirt back into rain machines again! To think that it was just this past Sunday we were enjoying 82 degrees climbing West Alpine.

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Foggy up on Skyline this morning

Guess it had to end sometime, that string of just simply awesome weather. Sunday we were able to ride without leg warmers or base layers, but this morning we were reminded that not every day will be perfect. Darn.

Kevin (my son, not the pilot), Eric, Karl, Karen, JR and… the return of Nigel! Nigel from the UK, that guy who doesn’t bother coming over here unless he’s fit enough to ride most of us into the ground. Nigel and Eric rode on up ahead, while I was trying to keep an eye on Kevin, who was lagging behind a bit. Apparently Sunday’s ride took more out of him than expected, although I think his sore legs would have been much better had he ridden to work and back yesterday, instead of getting a ride with his sister. I held up for Kevin at the big clearing although this time I stayed far enough ahead of him that I didn’t have to worry about the usual sudden surge/second wind on his part and he goes flying past me. That’s right, I don’t trust him.

The fog was all along Skyline and the west side of Old LaHonda, causing slick enough conditions that Kevin almost took a spill in front of Nigel descending Skyline towards Sky Londa. Depending upon your point of view, Kevin was either incredibly-skilled to avoid hitting the pavement, or riding just a bit too fast for the conditions.

Oh, right, forgot to mention the young woman wearing the Stanford kit that joined us up on Skyline. Mentioned to her that this is a regular ride, which she said she already knew (and for whatever wise reason decides not to show up). Australian accent, I think.

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