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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Yes, another awesome ride Thursday…

kingsIMG_5765Getting way, way, way behind as I prepare to leave for a trip to Africa tomorrow night, but that’s no excuse for not keeping the almost-daily diary updated!

Thursday morning saw the “return” of the Kevin, who’s getting his hill-climbing legs back in gear. I could see this beginning a week or two ago, but he’s progressed faster than I thought likely. We rode up fairly easy for the first half of Kings, but once we hit the open section (1.41 miles to go), the two Kevins (pilot and my son) took off, along with Chris and, not sure, maybe Mark P. At the top I’m told that Kevin (younger Kevin, not the old geezer pilot guy) passed up the other Kevin just before the line.

But the really amazing ride was done by Chris, who simply powered away on the gradual descent towards West Old LaHonda. When he came around I thought no biggie, I’ll just get his wheel… but his wheel was moving away from me very, very fast and by the time I could respond I was putting out a lot more horsepower than could be maintained for very long. I did catch his wheel though, and hung on for dear life. Not easy, despite the fact that Chris was putting out a lot more wattage, probably 30% more, than I was. Chris later repeated the same type of effort on Tripp Road. Amazing.

I’ve got just one more ride before leaving, tomorrow’s usual Sunday ride with Kevin, and later catch a red-eye (yuck) to Dulles (DC), then Ethiopia and finally Kenya. A few days in Kenya before a short flight to Tanzania, where we do the Safari thing for a week. By the time I get back my bike legs will be gone. So I’m looking forward to the trip, not so much the return. :-) –Mike–

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The World is in order; Kevin’s climbing fast again

First morning we had to use base layers and even full-fingered gloves, although the latter wasn’t really a requirement and got a bit toasty going up Kings. But the balmy days of “Indian Summer” seem to be gone as we near November. Guess it had to end sometime!

What also had to end was me being able to out-climb Kevin. He’s back. He’s not up to the speed of the fastest guys on the ride, yet. But he should get there. And this morning, there were a number of fast guys. Besides the usual suspects (JR, Eric, George) we also had Karl, MarkP, Joe (who’d moved to Colorado earlier in the year but will apparently be out here once a month to torture me) and, yikes, Keith. Haven’t seen Keith in quite some time, not since he had to take a full time job a while back to support his racing and bring some income to his upcoming married life. Guess he didn’t want to “live the joke” (What’s a Cat1/Pro without a girlfriend? Homeless.)

It was quite beautiful up on Skyline, and I would have had some great photos if I’d had my camera set right and I wasn’t fumbling around with klunky gloves. As if I didn’t have enough trouble just keeping up with everybody. –Mike–

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