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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

The wheels Dave, I feel them slipping away… (apologies to “2001″ movie)

Heading up Kings, I was actually surprised I wasn't dropping off the pace too far, too fast. I am recovering!

Heading up Kings, I was actually surprised I wasn’t dropping off the pace too far, too fast. I am recovering!

Tuesday morning I slept through the rain, even though I did wake up to the alarm. After a night of coughing fits I just wasn’t up to it. Yesterday I got back out on the bike for the first time since Sunday’s short ride, commuting to the shop & back, mostly just to prove I wasn’t dead. Yet. But last night I actually made it all the way through without a coughing fit, giving me a sense that maybe I could actually do the full ride this morning. Truth be told, it wasn’t until clearing Huddart Park that I decided I wasn’t going to have to cut the ride short and head back down 84 after Kings, skipping the West Old LaHonda loop.

Kevin (pilot), Karen, Eric, MarkP & Andrew this morning; dry roads, but a bit cool, as low as 39 up on Skyline. Karen brought up that she’d heard they had snowplows up on Skyline on Tuesday and wondered if we’d seen them; she didn’t know that we’d all found reasons to skip the ride. At least as far as I know, nobody showed up (and yes, I’d feel badly if someone had, in the pouring rain, and I wasn’t there).

I began to become detached about 3/4 of the way through Huddart Park, but we regrouped at the upper entrance (pretty much dictated by Kevin’s need to get rid of his morning Diet Coke rental). I was able to hang on longer than I expected to after that, and generally felt not-so-bad. Even held back just a bit for Eric, and before anyone thinks that makes me the faster rider, think again; Eric rides up Kings before we meet, comes back down and then rides back up with the group!

It was interesting keeping my efforts relatively-low by intention on Skyline, and again on the west-84 descent. There were a few times I felt like I should go to the front and pick the pace up a bit, but given it was just a few days ago I’d forgotten what it must feel like to feel good, I figured I shouldn’t push too hard today.

We did have our first (I think?) bunny sighting for 2014 on West Old LaHonda, a little guy who started running up the road when he spotted us, then turned perpendicular and, instead of jetting off the road, stayed perfectly still. Wonder if that’s what rabbits do… try to stay perfectly still to avoid being noticed by prey?

Overall very happy I not only survived the ride but felt really good afterward. Sunday, probably an easy Pescadero-Tunitas loop! –Mike–

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It felt like the right thing to do at the time… (another ride with a bad cold)

Things started out a bit damp this morning, but dried up nicely by the time we hit the lower flanks of 84, heading into Woodside. That's Eric at the front, followed by Karen, Joe & Kevin.

Things started out a bit damp this morning, but dried up nicely by the time we hit the lower flanks of 84, heading into Woodside. That’s Eric at the front, followed by Karen, Joe & Kevin.

Tuesday seemed a lot easier than today. I thought I had a handle on this cold, but last night (Wednesday) I was thinking wow, if I’m feeling like this in the morning, am I still riding? A nearly-rhetorical question because of course I’d ride, but perhaps I’d be sensible and do something easier than the usual romp through the hills. Thankfully I felt much better this morning when I woke up. And I felt even better after the ride! But during the ride? A classic “sick” ride, where my heart rate just would not respond linearly with effort. Climbing Kings, it was really difficult to get it to budge upward from 152, no matter how much effort I put to the pedals. And when your heart rate won’t go up with effort, there’s a definite limit to just how much you can deliver. Hate that. Meant that everyone, Karen, Eric, Kevin (pilot) and Joe were all well out ahead of me on the climb up Kings.

I did start feeling better a bit later on, and did manage to hang onto whatever wheel was in front of me, but there was certainly no style, just a bit of a forced effort. Probably didn’t help that we stopped for a flat on West Old LaHonda; always a bit hard to get going again. But as I said, I felt a whole lot better after the ride than before. And continued to feel a whole lot better through the day until… until about 5:30pm or so, when it all seemed to catch up to me. By the time I got home I was on the couch, under blankets, feeling pretty bad. You know that pretty bad feeling… that feeling you get when you forget what it’s like to feel good? When it seems like it’s way too much effort to go into the kitchen for a glass of water? That pretty bad feeling. Not something I experience very often, thankfully!

But flash forward a few hours more and I’m my old self again, feeling good, ready to face tomorrow and accomplish seven impossible things by noon. Why? Because that’s what you’ve got to do when you own a small business. I’m ready. But a few hours ago, you couldn’t have convinced me I’d even be showing up for work! –Mike–

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