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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Hydrocarbon loading and missing France

smoked_outJust a couple weeks ago I couldn’t imagine a scene like you see above; partly because you don’t see large trucks like the White Ram 350, license plate# 819 1689, in France. And partly because, if you did, they’d likely be friendlier towards cyclists! Fortunately he wasn’t driving erratically so we were never fearful he was going to do something stupid and reckless.

Nice morning, as usual, and without the fog up on Skyline that we had on Tuesday’s ride. No leg warmers needed! Both Kevins showed up, along with Karen, Eric, Karl and, for the Kings segment, there was somebody waiting at the base of Huddart whom I didn’t see again, and mistakenly thought it was Marcus (because it would often be the case that I’d see Marcus only briefly at the start of a climb, and never again, as there’s no way I can come close to his speed on a climb). The climb up Kings was steady but unspectacular, punctuated by a stop to see if we could fix Eric’s loose crank arm (we couldn’t because we hadn’t yet transferred the multi tools from our travel bikes to our regular bikes).

I do miss France. It would be really nice if France were in the Southern Hemisphere, so during our slower (and colder) winter months, I could spend a bit more time there, without feeling like I’m abandoning the business. But that’s not the case; the reality is that the weather in France, in the areas I enjoy riding, closely mirrors our weather here (with the exception that the higher altitudes would be getting snow).

If I was a person of means, no question I’d have a place in southern France, likely in the Pyrenees. I’d want to spend about half the summer there, riding the familiar and exploring the unfamiliar. An interesting thing to think about, because such dreams have a definitive timeframe in which they could evolve into something real; at what age would I no longer be able to climb the big mountains I enjoy so much? So far, I can still ride pretty much wherever I want without thinking my body will break in half. How much longer? My plan is to just keep moving, let momentum keep me going, for as long as I can. Perhaps the most-tangible aspect of approaching a time where I can’t ride like I’d like to is found in my continuing annual trips to France. Who knows how much longer I’ll be strong enough, and thus incentive to keep going while I can. –Mike–

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Tuesday ride

wolh_aug_11_15To paraphrase a line from a great movie (Field of Dreams)- Is this heaven? No, its West Old LaHonda.

It could hardly be said I’m back to the old grind when the old grind is as awesome as getting to ride the roads up to and around Skyline. Sure, I was having more issues breathing than expected (despite having gone to both the regular inhaler and the short-term as well), and the guys were getting away from me and I just couldn’t do much about it. But I’m on my bike, I’m going places at just the right speed to notice what’s going on around me, and there are so few cars on the roads that I ride, at least when I ride them, that you can almost believe they were made just for you.

New guy on the ride today, Mark, who lives in Palo Alto and normally frequents our Los Altos store. Good chance for me to keep an eye on things towards the back. I’m good at that. Whatever is going on at the front, on a day when Marcus shows up, I can only wonder about. And in fact, I do think about that, when I look at my computer and see that I’m 24 minutes into the climb and figure that Marcus has likely finished by now. Sometimes I think hey, I’m not so far from the top, that’s not so bad! In terms of distance, that’s true. In terms of time, that’s another story! Today, if I hadn’t held back, I would have been somewhere around 28 minutes. I can live with that, after two weeks pretty much off the bike.

And, to answer the question it seems EVERYONE is asking, we don’t have Garmin 520 computers in yet. Soon, very soon. Just not yet.

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