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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Last cold ride? That would be nice!

skylineVIRB018238 degrees and damp pavement from a light rain during the night makes for pretty pictures, but I think we’re all ready for the warmer days ahead.

Kevin, Kevin, Marcus & Karen this morning, with nobody in a mood to fly up Kings, so… we didn’t! I hung back again with pilot Kevin, who’d made the mistake of doing some running during his layover in Sydney. Why do people run?

Upon returning home, we were wondering, how soon do we get to ride without base layers and legwarmers again? Looks like that might be this Sunday. 84 degrees forecast! I’m ready.

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At least one of us is feeling better!

top_kings_0173-00-01-03-727After a long winter when it seemed like my near & post-60 life was destined to be slow and getting slower, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Three weeks ago I finally got under 30 up Kings, last week under 29 (just barely, but it counts) and this morning it was 28:29. Nobody to pace me up this morning; JR, Karen, MarkP and even younger Kevin had dropped back pretty quickly, taking it easier up the hill.

Just over halfway up, Kevin bridged up to me, but he didn’t stay for very long, as he started to get some of his infamous side pains again. I got the to top alone, and actually got to circle back down the hill a bit to find Kevin, the same way Kevin usually does with me. I realize Kevin’s not on top of his game right now, but hey, I haven’t been on top of mine in a year or two!

It got a bit weird at the top though; Karen immediately went back down, having to get to work earlier than usual, and Kevin wasn’t feeling up to going further. JR didn’t want to slog it out in the fog, and Mark P had turned around before even making it to the top! So even though I was feeling really good, I headed back down with everybody else, left wondering how I would have felt on West Old LaHonda. Darn!

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