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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

42 degrees and windy. I’m thinking of Mark Twain’s quote about coldest winter…

Yes, it's a blur to me too! Need to remember to keep something handy to wipe the camera lens from time to time.
Yes, it’s a blur to me too! Need to remember to keep something handy to wipe the camera lens from time to time.
This was one of those mornings where, going over Jefferson, you wonder if you’re going to make it to the top of Kings. Just didn’t feel like I had it in me. Of course, such feelings don’t matter; worst-case scenario, it’s only a matter of time and whatever it was that seemed impossible will be an earlier accomplishment. It’s not like I felt good going up Kings, but this was definitely one of those rides where, the longer you went, the better you felt.

Karen, on the other hand, felt good at the start. She took off, fast. Eventually JR went after her, with Karl in-between myself and Eric.

Cold? Not terribly, but 41.8 degrees, after how warm it had been just 10 days ago, seemed a bit rude. Windy? Oh heck yeah, although truthfully we never felt it, just heard it in the trees above.

In fact, my hardest ride of the day came much later, after my Complete Streets Committee meeting in Redwood City. By 8:30pm there wasn’t much left in the tank, but it was time to head back up the hill home, and into a very, very strong wind. More than once I got a strong-enough sideways gust that forced me to recalibrate my line! Hopefully the winds will be behind us soon. Right?

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You think you got rid of that monkey on your back, but it keeps jumping back on

George, Karl, Karen, JR & another great day on a bike
George, Karl, Karen, JR & another great day on a bike
Sunday’s Sequoia Century clearly took a lot out of me; that was the longest time I’ve spent in the sun since… well, maybe late last summer? Add to that not riding to work & back yesterday (logistics didn’t work in my favor, having to return the van used to support the Secret Soda Stop on the Sequoia Century, plus dropping by the hospital to see Kevin after his brain surgery), so even starting out from the house this morning I could tell I wasn’t going to be lighting the world on fire.

It didn’t help that I show up at the start and find George, fresh off riding at the Nationals, Mark P, 7th in Saturday’s Pescardero Road Race, and, yikes, JeffZ (we later picked up another speed guy, Marcus, as we approached Kings). For a short time it seemed we’d be riding at a civilized pace up the hill, but JeffZ just rode off the front, gradually picking up speed and splitting up the group. I rode up Kings trying to minimize my losses, noting that I was about 30 watts below where I ought to be, and thinking that one of those hidden motors that gives “only” 50 watts would have made quite a difference for me on the climb!

OK, remember how yesterday’s logistics kept me off the bike? Today’s program wasn’t any less complicated. Ride, vote, ride to the shop, and later, instead of riding straight home after work, Becky and I dropped by Kaiser Hospital to see how Kevin was doing. Surprisingly, it’s not an issue bringing bikes into the hospital and up the elevators to the 5th floor. This would not have been possible in the old hospital building; the corridors were simply too narrow.

Hopefully Kevin will be coming home soon, perhaps even tomorrow (Wednesday). Our dog’s really confused on Tuesday & Thursday mornings, because as soon as he hears my alarm clock go off at 6:55am, he races over to Kevin’s door, waiting for me to tell him it’s OK to jump on it and push it open. Only the door’s already open and no sign of Kevin. It’s definitely time for things to return to normal.

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