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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Could *not* get the picture. The steam coming off the rider’s heads. Just doesn’t show up.

From left to right, young Kevin, piece of Karl in the background, Old Geezer Pilot Kevin, Karen and JR. Eric will be arriving shortly. Picture taken be young Kevin’s Old Geezer Dad.

It was such a cool shot, or it should have been, but dang, maybe I waited too long, maybe it was the wrong angle, maybe there’s a lot more the eye can see than the camera. The top of Kings, the faster folk cooling down a bit waiting for the rest to come up the hill, and I swear, there was steam coming off the tops of the riders heads in the relatively-cool (about 40 degrees) air on Skyline.

If it had come out, it would have been cool-enough to make up for my screwing up and hitting the start-stop button at the base of Kings, stopping my computer entirely, instead of the segment timer. I recognized my mistake a couple minutes later, too late to have any real idea of my speed up the hill. The only thing I could go on was that the two Kevins were ahead of me, JR just a short distance behind, the rest following a minute or so further back.

kevin_kevin_kings_peeKevin (my son, not the geezer pilot) later told me they weren’t that far ahead of me at the top, but the picture to the right shows differently; if you click on it so it enlarges, you’ll see geezer pilot Kevin coming up from the Tunitas side of the hill, where he’d gotten rid of the excess Diet Coke he drinks so much of in the morning. Given geezer pilot Kevin’s age, it’s not like he can take care of such things instantly, so I was apparently much further behind them than led to believe. By the way, geezer pilot Kevin is only a few months older than I. Guess that makes me geezer dad of younger Kevin.

The ride was most-noteworthy for being a lot more wet than expected; this was one of those rides where the skies are clear but your bike gets trashed from all the water and crud coming up from the road. The sort of day that puzzles people because they don’t understand why their bike’s a mess when they bring it into the shop, because they say they don’t ride in the rain.

Overall, just another nice “winter” ride. We should have quite a few more of them, now that I’ve got my ‘cross bike all set up again, ready for rain that will likely never come.

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Mind The Gap!

It was a beautiful morning. Again! It’s almost boring, one beautiful day after another, in February. Didn’t hurt that it was nearly 10 degrees warmer than Tuesday either. Light breeze, a few clouds, good day for a ride through the park up to Skyline.

Both Kevins, JR & Eric showed up; I was needlessly concerned we might see Marcus, who would have been pushing the pace harder than younger Kevin should be going after his 6 hour stint at Kaiser ER Tuesday night. Good thing because Kevin was still fighting through the effects of coming off of too much Dilaudid pain killer meds. He struggled up Kings be was pretty much back to his old self once up on Skyline.

It was up on Skyline that the two Kevins started talking and losing track of the rest of us, opening up a gap which, once I noticed, told younger Kevin to get his butt in gear and close that gap before it got too big. I told him he needed to “Mind the gap”, a phrase commonly-used in the London subway system (warning people to watch for gaps between the subway doors and the platform).

West Old LaHonda? The fog just beginning to burn off in some of the valleys between Skyline and the coast was a spectacular view. I actually stopped to get a picture of it, stopping because the Instagram app doesn’t allow you to use the volume button as a shutter release, only the on-screen virtual button, which can’t be activated with full-finger gloves.

We did have one more “Mind the Gap” incident; heading north on Skyline to 84 (after climbing to Skyline on West Old LaHonda) we had a string of cars behind us that were enroute to a construction site somewhere and really didn’t want to share the road with bikes. We were riding single file, as far right as you could get, and one of them cut a corner tightly and came within a foot or so of younger Kevin. And of course my GoPro video camera wasn’t running, because I’d forgotten to put a memory card in it. Would have been very damning footage, given that we have s 3-foot passing law (which allows for passing closer if the car slows to 15mph; these guys were doing 35 or so). Thankfully it takes more than that to shake us up, but it is a bit annoying. Not enough to spoil a great ride though!

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