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News about Chain Reaction Bicycles

See it here first!

So what do you do while waiting at the hospital for someone’s surgery to finish? Work, of course! Trying to get ready for tomorrow’s TrekFest sale, trying to keep things moving along despite life getting in the way. My wife gave me a bad time, saying health first, work second, but without work, you can’t pay for the health. Funny how that is.

The question is, is it “safe” to include inside references to movies that many/most may not have seen? Not that anyone would have an excuse for not seeing “Field of Dreams”, one of the great movies of all time.  I can do worse; I could have used Robocop references! Although with this photo, perhaps something out of “War of the Worlds” or “Independence Day” might have worked too. “At this rate, we could be looking at the worldwide destruction of every major city in the next 36 hours.” Guess that might explain the flee from the cities shown in the photo!

Updated, after getting back from the hospital and thinking about it some more, I present V2 (Version 2) below. Missing are movie references, and included “Chain Reaction” by name.

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We’re Hiring!

It’s that time of the year; winter’s officially over (in a few hours) so we need to beef up staffing in our stores. It sounds corny but this is an opportunity to do something more than just earn a paycheck; helping people with bikes has got to be one of the coolest jobs around.

Enthusiasm about bicycles is the most-important things we’re looking for. Not just enthusiasm for how you enjoy cycling, but also a willingness to embrace someone else’s cycling dream, and help them expand it.  I figure it’s a given that anyone reading this is enthusiastic about cycling! Previous experience in sales (for sales positions) is not a requirement, but certainly a plus.

College students, retired soccer moms, talented high school juniors & seniors looking for their first real job… this could be it!

Empty-nesters looking for something productive to do, this is it! You worked with kids (your own) for years, without pay. Now you’ve got the chance to work around kids and get paid for it! Plus, the fact that you survived raising kids tells us retail will be a breeze for you.

Will you get rich working in a bike shop? Monetarily, no. But when you see the smile on a kids face with their first new bike, you’ll realize it was worth giving up that 6 or 7-figure job in the financial district. Might be worth talking it over with your spouse first though. Sales positions generally pay $10/hour plus significant incentives, with junior mechanics starting at $11/hour, more with experience. Full-time employees receive Kaiser health care. Full & part-time staff also receive generous discounts on purchases as well as access to special employee-only deals from Trek on both bicycles and accessories, plus employee-only access to Trek University.

Saturday hours are mandatory, as that’s our busiest day. People skills… if you’re not a patient person, retail is probably not the place for you. But our customers are the best, so patience and kindness are well-rewarded.

Interested? For sales positions in our Redwood City location, contact Becky Jacoubowsky via email For mechanics,  For opportunities in Los Altos, contact Please include why you enjoy working with bicycles and perhaps a story about  your favorite bicycle experience.

Thanks, Mike Jacoubowsky, Partner, Chain Reaction Bicycles

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