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News about Chain Reaction Bicycles

It’s not about Sales & Shopping. It’s Time to Ride.


(This is taken from an email I just sent out to our customers, but since everyone’s not on our email list, I include it here as well. –Mike–)

You can be one with the Borg, driving around crowded malls, looking for parking spaces, or searching for hours on-line trying to find out if this-or-that is the best thing to buy. I know. I’ve done it myself. And I’ve spent hours trying to figure out what to send in an email so people will come in to Chain Reaction to buy their bikes and accessories.

Some of us spend too much time buying too many things and not nearly enough time making use of them. There are a number of things like that in my life. But not my bike. When I get out on my bike, everything is right with the world. Even last weekend, when it was so darned cold. My son and I rode out to the coast and sure, it was 29 degrees up on Skyline, but on our way to Tunitas Creek, heading through San Gregorio in the photo above, it was a balmy 50. It was a wonderful ride from start to finish, even the cold parts. Can you look at that photo and think you’d rather be shopping than riding?

My brother Steve and I have only one real goal. It’s not to be the biggest bike shop in the west. Would be nice to be the best, but even that’s not it. We just want you to fall in love with your bike, with getting out there and riding, with living your dream. Whether it be riding “the loop”, taking your kids to Arastradero for their first mountain-bike ride or trying to score the best Strava time on Kings. Your dream. That’s what’s important. We’re here to make sure cycling is something you really love and not just one more thing cluttering your life.

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season, even a politically-incorrect Merry Christmas. And wherever you go, whenever you can, go by bike.

Our regularly-scheduled program of sale ads resumes shortly. Thank you very much for being our customer.

Mike & Steve Jacoubowsky and the rest of our fine staff

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Announcing TrekCarePlus for your new bike. 3 years of wear & tear coverage, plus accident insurance!

For a higher-mileage rider, TrekCarePlus pays for itself in the first year, and it's good for three! Plus road hazard insurance too. Can't lose!
For a higher-mileage rider, TrekCarePlus pays for itself in the first year, and it’s good for three! Plus road hazard insurance too. Can’t lose!

TrekCarePlus is a new service you can buy with your new Trek bike that will actually cover damage to your bike from “normal” road use, and most parts that wear out (tires, tubes, brake pads excluded, but chain, chainrings, cassettes… yes, it covers them!).

The cost is almost too low to be true. $359 for a $2000-$6999 bike, $499 up to $12,999. That gets you 3 years, and covers most accidents that don’t involve cars, and parts that wear out. What? Did you misread something? Am I saying that Jeff Z, a guy that rides and rides and rides and goes through chains & cassettes & chainrings like butter (and a darned good guy besides), might bankrupt the company with a program like this? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

How soon does it start? September 3rd. So should you wait to buy a new bike? No, because you can get coverage for any Trek bike purchased in the prior 60 days, meaning a bike today qualifies. Pricing starts as low as $49 (for bikes up to $499.99). Read more about TrekCarePlus in our FAQ.

This is one of the best-reasons ever to get a new Trek from Chain Reaction!

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