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Ride reports for everything *but* the Tuesday-Thursday morning ride

Started out very slow, picked up speed later

Corgis make every ride better!
Corgis make every ride better!
This was not the typical Sunday ride, the version where Kevin flies off ahead of me on Old LaHonda and I finish the climb several minutes later. Nope. This was the version where Kevin was having breathing issues for a while, an almost-bronchitis sort of thing but short-term, so his usual sub-20 was a far-more-leisurely 25-something. Nor did he ride up Haskins any faster, but there’s something about a coke, half of a chicken club sandwich and an oversize cookie (all from the Pescadero bakery) that makes the world a better place.

It’s not like we flew up the climbs on Stage; Kevin clearly was having issues on the steeper stuff. Y’know, it almost seems like fair play, Kevin experiencing, for a day, what I have to live with. But instead I modified the ride a bit, heading us back home via the much-less-steep Highway 84 instead of Tunitas, and, with a tail wind, what is often a long grind (84) to Skyline was actually fun. Kevin even went to the front for a long & strong pull for the last few miles, even giving a free ride to someone we came across who’d fallen off the pace of the woman he’d been riding with.

Oh, right, we also got to help save a snake! In fact, I’d say that was the turning point of the ride. Descending the final part of Stage Road into San Gregorio, I noticed a car stopped in the other lane, and a quite-large snake (not a rattlesnake) in the roadway. I stopped, got off the bike and “encouraged” the snake to get out of the roadway. To the applause of the people in the car, no less!

61 miles, no Strava accomplishments, low “suffer” score, but a pretty nice ride in the end.

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61 mile bike ride to pick up a new camera? Why not!

If you can't eat at the Pescadero Bakery, Mr. Mustard's a good 2nd choice!
If you can’t eat at the Pescadero Bakery, Mr. Mustard’s a good 2nd choice!

Ok, doesn’t take much to see that’s a weird route, at least not what I’d normally do on a Sunday. And it might have been what I’d normally do on a Sunday (inevitably including a stop in Pescadero for lunch). But it was destined to be a bit different from the start, as Keeble & Shuchat had just received the new camera I’ve been waiting for (Canon T6s) and, since I don’t own a car, had to create a ride that also dropped by Palo Alto to pick it up.

Picking up the camera, using one of the Tour de France freebie TdF bags to carry it home
Picking up the camera, using one of the Tour de France freebie TdF bags to carry it home
It was made up as Kevin and I rode along, first ditching Pescadero after we’d climbed Old LaHonda. We did at first have a plan (we always have a plan), which included the Pescadero loop, then heading back up to Skyline via West Alpine, descend Page Mill all the way to Palo Alto, pick up the camera and go home. We kept West Alpine in the mix, then rode south on Skyline to 9, hot dogs with Mr. Mustard, then dropped down 9 & Redwood Gulch, stopped by our Los Altos store for a bit, then battled crosswinds on Foothill as we headed back north.

It turned out to be not-so-bad. Even picking up the camera and having coffee in Palo Alto. Nice camera by the way.

In the end it turns out you really can do just about whatever you need to on a bike. Even riding 61 miles to pick up a camera.

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