66 miles in 3 parts, 1st view of coast in a very long time

Poppys on lower flank of Tunitas Creek
So yes, I pushed a bit past the new 10 mile radius from home limit today, finally getting out to the coast via Old LaHonda & 84. Non-stop so no chance to infect anyone or pick up an infection, and even passed on the chance to draft a couple of guys while fighting the headwind to the coast. Let me tell you, that took some will power!

The social distancing concept still needs some work; I saw a pretty large group gathering at the base of Old LaHonda, and quite a few at the top of Kings. Until we’ve got this thing really under control, I don’t think riding in group of more than 4 or 5 is a sensible thing to do right now. Just sends the wrong message. Never mind that I was definitely pushing the range limit myself today.

After getting home from ride #1 I went out for a “lunch” ride with my wife (she cheated with an ebike), and then after that, went back out yet again and did an out & back on Canada. More miles in one day than I’ve had in a very long time!

2 thoughts on “66 miles in 3 parts, 1st view of coast in a very long time

  1. Actually the new order with the 10 mile radius didn’t go into effect until May 4 (technically 11:59 PM on May 3) so you were pushing the 5 mile limit on your May 3 ride. 🙂

    I also have noticed a lot of groups of cyclists, many of which are clearly riding and gathering way too close together. My personal decision is to ride only solo. First, the SIP order prohibits groups of any size “All public and private gatherings of any number of people occurring outside a single household or living unit are prohibited”. Secondly even if you are with just a few people, one of those might have picked up the virus, could infect any/all of the others in your group, and then you take that virus home with you and it spreads from there. While I miss riding with my friends and my club, I am minimizing any interactions with others – mainly only folks at the grocery store when I make make infrequent trips there to replenish my food supply.

    1. Jeff- I don’t think it’s that tough to minimize the possibility of picking up Covid-19 when riding with someone else; most of us are extremely aware of when we are “in the draft” and otherwise, and making sure we’re in the “otherwise” category is often not a lot of fun… as in, you so wish you could draft… but it can be done. But I have great concern that people are becoming sloppy and to some extent even uncaring to the point where, when this thing comes around again during the next flu season, we might not see the sort of compliance required to keep this thing in the background.

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