I’m back.

Due to weather issues last week, I wasn’t able to do a normal Tuesday or Thursday ride. Today was going to be different. Everything from this past Sunday is going to be different. Because it will be normal.

It wasn’t full-normal this morning though. Kevin (kid) couldn’t make the ride due to a cluster headache, but Kevin (pilot) was there to nurse me up the hill. Easy 34 minute pace up Kings, not that I could have managed something harder. Still remember the days when I could be sick as a dog and still be under 30. Skyline was a bit wet and cold; got down to 39 degrees. Fortunately I was able to keep up enough steam to be warm. Heading down 84 West towards West Old LaHonda, I was even able to trade the front with Kevin.

West Old LaHonda? Don’t know how long before they get it repaired. But, I haven’t seen further deterioration of the washed-out section either. Last time for me on that section was February 10th. It’s been that long. Wow.

It’s good to be suffering on the normal rides again.

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