Cars behaving badly (but at least they’re not threatening us, just being stupid)

Every day you can ride is a nice day. The smells, the colors, life going by at just the right speed. But why are some motorists insistent on taking extraordinary risks to save a few seconds? Is their job so much fun they’ll risk life & limb getting there? Check out the car in the photo. We’re descending 84, towards Woodside. This guy is passing Kevin entirely in the wrong lane, on a corner, with no way to know if there’s oncoming traffic. A total percentage game. Russian roulette. You can only do this so many times before you can’t. At least the reaction time for either this guy or an oncoming car would be so short there’d be no way for either to take one of us out.

Nice this morning to not have any fog. Dry roads everywhere. Kevin (kid) and I were joined by George (long time no see!) and Mark (who left at the top of the park). Nice seeing people we hadn’t ridden with in a while. No records being set (duh, just 9 days back on the bike for me!) but we had a good time.

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