Day 1 of a normal week?

Last Sunday was my first authorized post-pelvic-fracture ride, and since I hadn’t ridden in 6 weeks, I didn’t immediately jump into the normal routine. Just a 40 mile ride looping through the foothills. And then bad weather hit on Tuesday, forcing a shortened ride (just up Kings & back), and Thursday doesn’t fully count because I was on an e-bike. Plus not a single bike commute to the shop either.

So today that all changes. Today things go back to normal. Kevin and I did the normal Old LaHonda/Pescadero/Tunitas loop, something I haven’t done in… wow. 7 weeks. That’s got to be a record. It wasn’t fast; Old LaHonda took almost 26 minutes, Haskins 12, and Tunitas just under an hour. And it wasn’t stylish; by the time I got to the steep parts of Tunitas, I was seeing pretty low watts. But, I made it, and it felt good.

Next up will be daily commutes to the shop, plus full Tuesday & Thursday-morning rides (we verified today that West Old LaHonda is passable).

I’m back.

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