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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Still catching up

Right now in Wisconsin, at the annual Trek dog & pony show for dealers. I get off one plane (from France) and get onto another (to Wisconsin). Normally, flying to Wisconsin shouldn’t be that big a deal, but this was a bit on the tough side since it involved a short (3.5 hour) red-eye flight, arriving in Chicago at about 4am, then flying at 8am to Milwaukee, then a two hour wait for a two hour bus trip to Madison. When will we have transporters?

Sadly, I won’t get to do much riding here, effectively undoing the excellent shape I came back from France with. And yes, I did ride Tuesday morning, despite arriving home from France late the night before. Kevin? No. But I was out there. Tuesday & Thursday mornings, unless I’m shackled and don’t have a way to pick the locks, I’m out there. Tuesday’s ride was a bit rough, just kinda hanging in there, but Thursday, when Kevin did ride, I got a new PR up through Huddart Park and felt pretty darned good.

I’ve still got literally hundreds of photos of France to go through and post. It was such a great trip it really does deserve a fair amount of effort to documenting things… of the past 12 or 13 trips I’ve taken to the ‘Tour, this was easily in the top-3.

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Sub-27-minute monkey off my back plus crazy times getting ready for France

Yes, Kevin and I did ride last Sunday, our prep ride for the Bike Fridays before heading to France. The “Coastal Classic” route, since we needed a reference, familiar territory that we could judge how we were doing on our travel bikes. It was one of those unusual days where you had a headwind going out to the coast, and a headwind coming back up Tunitas. What’s with that??? It was also unusual because once again I had the upper hand on Kevin once we got to Tunitas, but he hung in there, and even after stopping twice up the climb, once for a seizure, once for something else I don’t recall, we still got just under an hour.

This morning (ok, yesterday morning, Tuesday) was more significant. Quite a few of us and we started out hard up the base of Kings. I hung on for as long as I could, and by the time I was jettisoned it appeared possible, not likely, but possible that I could make it up the hill under 27 for the first time this year. And I did! Just barely; 26:51, and there’s some doubt that it even happened since Strava didn’t capture the usual Kings segments for me today. But the old fashioned manual method (pushing the start button at Tripp, then again at the top) was good enough for me.

Long night tonight, finally leaving the shop at 11:35pm. Lots to get done prior to heading to France on Thursday morning! I think the shop’s in good hands though. Becky (my daughter) can run things pretty well, MikeF will keep the mechanic side of things working smoothly, with some help from Chris, and Margie has this way of melting the harshness of any customers who might be in a less-than-awesome mood. Of which, of course, there are very few. New guys Alex and Austen have worked out great, Roger, Jose and Charlie are keeping the bikes flowing through the repair department, and we’re even getting some help from Andrew, a Chain Reaction alumnus, who’s going to be helping out on Saturdays while Kevin and I are gone. Now I gotta figure out if I left anybody out. Don’t think so. Oops. That would be Karen, my wife, who will be called upon to help out when it’s busy and make sure reps don’t get out of hand.

Time to get to bed. One more long day ahead at the shop, and then Thursday morning a flight at a ridiculous hour (6:50am???!!!). –Mike–

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