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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Nothing flashy, just messy today

The Corgis of Olive Hill making a rare morning appearance today.
It was the worst type of rain, because it really wasn’t rain, just wet roads and an occasional light drizzle. And I was on my own; nobody else showed up, even my son bailing because he didn’t get much sleep the night before and felt dizzy as he got ready to ride.

That’s OK; nothing wrong with a slow solo ride once in a while. Just ride up the hill, pushing one pedal down, then the other, no hurry to get anywhere. Not that there was any power I could summon anyway; this was what pilot Kevin refers to as a “high gravity day.” But you get there, eventually, and once up on Skyline your power starts to kick in, and you feel happy to be out on your bike, in the 43 degree drizzle that isn’t quite enough for needing your rain jacket but a bit much for riding without it.

Because I was running well-behind schedule, I skipped the West Old LaHonda loop and went straight down 84. About a 6 minute wait for the one-way control where the road is slipping away, and maybe another 5 minutes added to the descent when the traffic slowly moved through the affected area. Could be worse.

Best part of the ride came towards the end, when the Olive Hill Corgis were out yipping and yapping at passers-by. Not a bad way to end the ride and start the day.

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31.6 degrees? Really?

A bit less left of this tree on West Old LaHonda after the last big storm.
After Sunday’s suprising ride, where I found some of my power coming back, this morning was a bit of a letdown. Frankly, my body just doesn’t like cold, and cold is how the ride started. 31.6 degrees cold. Sure, it warmed up as we began climbing Kings, but I just didn’t have those feelings of power that I had just two days prior.

Just Marcus and younger Kevin with me today; older (pilot) Kevin was off to Hong Kong or Sydney, I don’t remember which. I lasted just past the park entrance before watching the two of them slowly ride away.

Days like this are especially pretty on West Old LaHonda, and yet Kevin had wanted us to head straight back down 84 because he was worried about getting some things done in the morning. Probably a good thing we continued on, because 84 was backed up all the way to the intersection when we first passed by. The only time we passed by, because seeing that backup, we decided, likely wisely, to head back down Old LaHonda. No, it’s not a great descent, too narrow to get any speed, and too twisty to see oncoming traffic until it’s right in front of you.

Sad to think it’s time to get back on the rain bikes shortly!

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