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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Summer is coming. You can tell by the fog on Skyline.

IMG_0049_DxO1200It’s a bit of a contradiction; some of the most beautiful sights you’ll see on a bike are under conditions not terribly kind to your bike (and maybe just a bit on the cold & wet side for you!). This morning was a great example of this; after climbing Kings, we entered into the fog up on Skyline. Entered, emerged, entered, emerged I should say. The only constant is the effect on your bike; it’s a mess after one of these rides. The drivetrain in particular becomes quite grungy, with a strong likelihood of bearing damage. “But I don’t ride in the rain!” customers frequently protest. If anything, it’s actually worse than rain because everything from the road splashes up onto your bike, but nothing comes down from the sky to wash it clean.

Carl, Karen, Eric, Scotty & JR this morning. Not sure why but my legs just weren’t feeling like pushing me up the hill, although as usual, I felt better later on. The rabbits must have been feeling good; on West Old LaHonda, we saw at least 20 of them. Everywhere you looked, a rabbit. They run along the side of the road and, as you come by, totally freeze. I mean totally. Strangest thing. Probably something they do instinctively, to keep from being seen by predators.

Guess it’s getting time to clean up my bike. So far, I’ve felt pretty good about not doing so, since whatever work I put into it will be undone with just one ride. Still, it’s not very pretty to look at now… it deserves better!

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Pretty picture, ugly picture

skyline_05_24_16Even on a day when you look up in the morning and see Skyline shrouded in a heavy marine layer (dense fog), and you’re thinking what a mess it’s going to make of your bike (which it did; glad I haven’t cleaned it recently!), you can still look forward to something beautiful.

The ride itself? Surprisingly OK considering I ditched my bike on Sunday to watch a bike race. I expected the effects of eating too much and not riding would hold me back, but I got up Kings in a “competent” time of 28:16 (if Strava is to be believed, but if not, what’s left?). Kevin (pilot), Eric, JR… who am I missing? I think that’s everybody; smaller group than normal, probably due to what people saw coming over the hill (the fog). But this was one of those rides where you just felt better and better as you rode, which coincided with the weather getting nicer and nicer!

Kevin not pretending to be having a good time on his trainer.
Kevin not pretending to be having a good time on his trainer.

Contrast that to what my son, Kevin, was doing while we were out having fun. He’s got the coolest trainer in the world (Tacx Elite, so cool it even spins the rear wheel for simulated descents) but as you can see, it’s not like getting outside. OK, truth, he probably could have fun with it but this was shortly before the 40 staples were removed from his head and he wasn’t feeling great. The good news is that he’s been cleared to ride outside again! Nothing big for a few days; we’ll break him in gently. Then, 10 days from now, he’s back in for his final surgery and another period of time off the bike. Like I said, it can be a lot worse than having to ride in fog on Skyline.


One other thing to note. It’s possible I’m seeing some improvement in my breathing, as I’ve moved from Qvar to Singulair. A bit early to tell; I’ve only been on it for a week, but no scary side-effects so far, and it’s possible I’m breathing easier.  –Mike–

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