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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Got two monkeys off my back… VAM>1000 & 28-something up Kings!

There’s no question I’m gradually improving, getting past that wet winter where I didn’t stop riding, but my climbing speeds dropped precipitously. For the longest time (a few months) it seemed that a sub-30 time up Kings was beyond reach, then last week I finally cracked that “barrier”, and today I snagged a 28-something. OK, Strava says it was 28:59 but that’s a whole lot better than 29-something, right? And 1104 meters climbing/hour too! Both are cutting it about as close to relevant metrics as you can get.

JR, Kevin (pilot), Marcus, George… no younger Kevin today, as he’d had some kidney pain issues again that sent him to the ER this morning. All tests negative; seems like his body is simply into manufacturing pain these days. Even though he skipped today, I’m sure he’ll still leave me in the dust Thursday morning. Hate that. But without younger Kevin, the group’s testosterone was limited by age (Marcus being the youngster, at 45, nearly twice Kevin’s age) and they nicely paced me up the hill. Not sure if that was their intent, but the speed was pretty much perfect.

The only thing slightly unpleasant this morning was the number of cars up on Skyline, especially the section from West Old LaHonda to 84, and then a lot more heading down 84 and into Woodside. Many large dump trucks too. Is there some major construction going on up there?

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Late 60th Birthday Breakfast at Alice’s

Breakfast at Alice's (Sky Londa & 84)
Breakfast at Alice’s (Sky Londa & 84)
A week or so ago, on my 60th birthday, the plan had been to do an “Alice’s Breakfast” ride. This happens once every year or two or three; traditionally, we’ve done the usual ride, but after heading south on Skyline, instead of immediately going into the West Old LaHonda loop, we stop and order breakfast at Alice’s, so it’s ready for us by the time we’ve done the loop, about 25 minutes later.

Apparently the waitress doesn’t understand tradition; she wouldn’t take our order ahead of time, saying there wouldn’t be much wait anyway. Fortunately she was right (fortunate because I’ve got a bike shop I have to get opened up for business at 11am). Thanks to Kevin Keenan for treating me (he paid for younger Kevin as well) and not beating up on me too bad on the ride!

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