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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

What happened to “Summer?” And what happened to Kevin?

Sunday we were enjoying mid-70s on our ride to Santa Cruz. This morning, winter came back.
Sunday we were enjoying mid-70s on our ride to Santa Cruz. This morning, winter came back.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Well, OK, closer to worst, if you were going to compare this mornings ride in the drizzle and fog to Sunday’s rather awesome ride to Santa Cruz and back. But that’s not right; anytime on a bike isn’t going to fit into a “worst” category, except maybe that time I got caught in the freak storm on Sonora Pass back in, what, 2000? OK, this is going a bit overboard. It really wasn’t all that bad this morning, more like a normal winter day. And not even all that cold; I think 41 was the lowest temperature I saw.

One highpoint for this morning's ride- the two Corgis near the start/finish came out to play!
The one highpoint for this morning’s ride- the two Corgis near the start/finish came out to play!

But unfortunately not a great day for Kevin (my son), who was having some kidney issues again, pretty nasty pain that put him at the back of the group climbing Kings, and causing us to have to shorten the ride a bit, skipping the West Old LaHonda segment (the best part).

Hopefully Kevin will be back to normal shortly. This is nothing new; he’ll get checked out again, probably go through more scans, and whatever it is will go away as mysteriously as it began. It just seems nuts that he can be so strong, riding 112 miles one day, then two days later he’s nearly incapacitated with pain.

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I’d better get used to this feeling (but don’t have to like it)

Kevin’s making his comeback, and all I can do is try and get close enough to watch. Small group this morning; the two Kevins, Eric and me. The older Kevin (pilot) was tired, after back-to-back 70 mile days on the bike. Eric had ridden the morning ride before showing up for Kings. And Kevin? Younger Kevin? He was hoping Marcus would show so he could ride hard up the hill. Marcus showed, and didn’t disappoint.

I made it about halfway up the hill hanging onto Kevin and Marcus’s wheels before giving up and just trying to keep them in sight. A bit further up the road, at the big clearing, I circled and waited for the other two (Eric and Kevin) and rode the rest of the way up with them. Well, with Kevin anyway; at the beginning of the last steep section (before the archery range) I felt my front wheel roll over something and then heard what sounded like a leaf hitting the fork once per revolution. I know that sound. Air escaping from a very small hole in the tire. Dang. Eric rode on while Kevin (pilot) waited and helped with the tube replacement.

The delay put us so much behind schedule that we had to skip the West Old LaHonda loop and head straight back down 84. No drama on the descent this time (everyone stayed upright). Now I’ve got some missing miles to make up!

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