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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Possibly a very slight improvement in breathing? Plus update on 84 traffic delays.

Kevin moving towards the light on this-morning’s ride
It’s possible, just possible, that I might have seen a slight improvement in my breathing this morning. That would make the first time I’ve seen a positive trend in that regard in… well, at lest 5 years. Sure, I usually see some improvement when things warm up, but that goes away as soon as it cools back down. This was different; it was still darned cold out there, but I felt… better. I was actually able to talk with Kevin a bit while climbing Kings, instead of permanently gasping for air.

Oddly, it was just myself and younger Kevin today. Maybe everyone else was waiting for it to get warmer before riding? Temps ran between 34 and 37 degrees for most of the ride, with roads still damp from the weeping hillsides (which will likely be the case for some time, given how much rain we’ve had this month). As you can see in the photo, it was quite beautiful up on Skyline, as well as on West Old LaHonda, where it’s always beautiful.

The single-lane section of 84, between Skyline and Woodside, looks to be a problem that will continue for some time. Today we were delayed about 5 minutes, while Tuesday it was closer to 15. If you’re in a rush, I’d suggest finding another way down the hill!

Now, as for the breathing getting better, the question is, why? Hopefully it’s because I added Qvar back into the mix. Originally, I was on Qvar as a maintenance (every day) med, plus situationally (before a hard ride). Since that didn’t seem to do much, Singulair was substituted for the Qvar. Another 6 months without improvement (and frankly, things just seemed to continue to get worse). So about 10 days ago I added Qvar back into the mix, while still taking the Singulair. Qvar takes about two weeks to get up to speed, but today I think, I hope, I might have seen some real benefit. I sure hope so! We’ll see how things go this weekend.

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Almost back to normal

Dry pavement and mostly-blue skies on West Old LaHonda this morning!
It feels like it’s going to be a long winter; if it’s not raining, it’s cold. I find myself impatient for mid-April when temps warm up reliably and most of the rain will reliably be behind us. Funny to think that, for all the rain & cold & windy conditions I’ll often ride in, I can’t wait for warm, even hot conditions to ride. It’s a bit odd since you can always dress for the cold but when it’s really hot, it’s not like you can bring an air conditioner with you!

This morning Kevin and I got off to a slightly-late start; seemed to take him a while to get his act together. I actually ended up leaving first, knowing he could catch up to me. We ended up arriving at the start two minutes late and, seeing nobody else waiting for us, continued onto the circuit. We looked for tire tracks on the wet pavement but found none; nevertheless, we pushed a reasonable pace climbing the first part of Kings, thinking there could be somebody just ahead of us, and at the park entrance, there was. Kevin (pilot) and Marcus had briefly stopped to adjust clothing and maybe give anyone chasing a chance to catch up.

Not a very fast pace up the hill, but still fast enough to drop me about halfway up. I’m kinda used to that, but thankfully once on top, I can hang on pretty well. We chose the correct bikes to ride as it was wet nearly everywhere but the section of West Old LaHonda shown in the photo. At 32 degrees we had to be careful of the possibility of ice, but thankfully there was none.

It was tempting to skip the West Old LaHonda loop but Kevin (pilot) was going to ride it anyway, so against younger Kevin’s better judgment, we continued. It shouldn’t have been a problem except for the roadwork being done on the east side of 84; we were hung up 14 minutes waiting for them to let us through.

Definitely looking forward to Thursday’s ride, when we should be able to get back on our Trek Emondas and leave the heavier, disc-brake cross bikes, behind. Of course, then I won’t have any excuse for being slow!

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