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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Yeah, would be nice to get rid of Kevin’s seizures


It’s not every ride that Kevin has a seizure; it happens enough that it might seem that way, but the reality is that he can go weeks at a time without a problem. But having not ridden Tuesday because of some flank pain, I knew it was a bit more likely today. There’s at least a mild correlation between adrenalin and seizures, but I had hope that, without Marcus for Kevin to try and keep up with, he’d be OK.

We had Eric, Karen, Karl and the other Kevin (pilot) with us today, and really, nobody was trying to go very fast. So why was Kevin (my son) up at the front, setting a pace that, let’s say, wasn’t without passion? Anytime we get to Kings via the park in under 10 minutes means that we’re not taking it easy.

As we head up Kings I find that I’m pulling ahead of him, which shouldn’t be the case, so I look back and see the scene above. Kevin’s (2nd from left) gotten off his bike, heading for the edge of the road where he can lie down and wait out the seizure. Could be a lot worse. Kevin always has enough warning of a seizure coming on that he can come to a stop, get off his bike and sit down. This was a fairly long one, almost two minutes, after which he was a bit groggy for awhile but got better as he went.

He wanted to cut the ride short and head back down 84, but ended up making it the whole way, the ride having continued at a fairly moderate pace. So he hangs tough and keeps going, but sure would be nice if we could fix him.

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Last Tuesday’s ride

I got so caught up in my post about loving my bike and what the right bike is that I neglected my Tuesday-morning ride report!

Yes, of course there was a ride Tuesday morning. Neither Kevin was there, but we did have Eric, JR and George. Very easy pace, especially for a Tuesday. Eric wasn’t pushing, that’s for sure, having raced both Saturday and Sunday and showing quite a bit of wear & tear. He opted out for the early exit down 84 from Sky L’onda, skipping the West Old LaHonda loop. Of course, it might have been to get to work on time, because we were probably 10 minutes behind schedule at that point.

Lots of fog at the start, clear on top and, of course, beautiful on West Old LaHonda. And then a descent back into the fog heading into Woodside. About 13 minutes behind schedule by the end. That’s OK. I can deal with “easy” once in a while.

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