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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

I’m liking June a lot more than May

IMG_7439sunny_wolhAfter Wednesday’s weird weather (rain???!!!) I wasn’t sure what to expect for Thursday-morning’s ride, and it did look just a tad bit questionable outside the kitchen window (fog). But it was temporary, just a touch of gray to climb through on the way up the hill, and that makes for a great ride. Great because you can literally pedal through it, emerging into the sun just about Huddart Park, and admiring the fog-shrouded coast below as you climb back towards Skyline on West Old LaHonda.

Different today was the fact that I actually took part in a couple of sprints, taking the Sky Londa sprint by default (everybody else had dropped off the pace on the descent, although Karl was coming up pretty fast) and then getting caught by surprise on the final sprint to Olive Hill when Kevin went just a little bit early and I didn’t have what it takes to close the gap.

Today also marked 5 weeks to go before France, and, curiously, today was also about the most France-like weather you’d get on a ride here. Reasonably-warm and humid. I’ll be ready.

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Is the Long Winter finally over?

IMG_7431long_winter_overA near-perfect morning to ride, starting out from home at 62 degrees, large group, pretty easy pace (George is in a “recovery block” at the moment, whatever that means). A small bit of challenge added by quite a bit of debris on the road; apparently yesterday’s high temps dried out a lot of vegetation, and last-nights wind brought it all down on the road. In fact, Kings had a pretty big tree down across the road, maybe half a mile up from the bottom. No problem getting bikes past though.

Kevin had the good sense to have a seizure very early in the ride, right on Olive Hill in fact, so not much drama there. But on West Old LaHonda older Kevin and George started talking about their college days & girls, at which point younger Kevin decided he really didn’t want to hang out with a bunch of obvious has-beens and took off… getting his 2nd-best time for the upper West Old LaHonda section. Me? I didn’t have the legs, so I stuck with the old guys.

Hard to believe this was the first no-leg-warmers morning ride in… months? Many months? Kind of rude though, going right from winter to summer, bypassing spring entirely. Well, it’s likely not going to be cold in France, 5 weeks down the road, so good thing the warmer weather finally did happen.

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