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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Jens did it! Good thing, to, since Kevin and I shortened our ride yesterday to watch.


Pretty cool watching Jens go up against the hour record, and win! 43 years old and he’s still got it. What does he have? I think what sets him apart is a different way of looking at pain. To Jens, pain is feedback that tells him it’s game-on.

The day didn’t start out quite so pleasantly though; the weather forecast rain between 7am & 10am, right when we ride, so Wednesday night Kevin and I had to see if our “rain bikes” were in shape to be ridden (they hadn’t seen duty in… 6 months maybe?). Good enough. They’re just not much fun to ride, after being spoiled by the new bikes each of us have (his new Madone 7, my new Emonda SLR). When we got up Thursday morning and looked outside, the ground was dry! That was 7am. Thought maybe we’d miss the rain. Nope. It started coming down at 7:05.

Nobody but us on the ride, probably because it was going to get pretty nice right after we get back, so why ride in the rain? Maybe a good thing because we weren’t feeling too lively, taking about 36 minutes to get up Kings, after which we immediately turned around so we could get to the shop in time to watch the live streaming video of Jens’ amazing ride.

coyote_close_upMost-interesting thing on the ride was coming across some deer in the meadow off Manuella, looking a bit apprehensive. Found out why a few seconds later, as we spotted a pretty well-groomed & fed coyote walking across the field.

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Bonding with the new bike… climb, sprint, descend, it’s coming together

297wattsFinally beginning to really get it on with my new bike! This morning I came very close to getting a 26-something time up Kings (27:06), of course wondering where those 7 seconds went. I knew on the way up it was going to be close, despite losing contact with the faster guys not too far up the hill. I just kept plugging away and, at the “20 minute corner” (preceded by a moderately-straight section and followed by the road flattening out for a short distance, just before the final steep part), so-called because, if you hit it under 20 minutes you’ve got a shot at 26-something, I was right at… 20 minutes. Not quite fast enough, but overall happier with the effort than I’ve been for a while.

And the sprint into Sky Londa? Finally nailed it, as I’m supposed to (but haven’t been lately).

But what really convinced me that the bike and I are one was the 84 descent into Woodside. Just one second off my best time, and that’s after having to slow down for car traffic towards the bottom. George took off hard & fast at the top and I gradually got back up to him, something I haven’t been able to do for some time. The rest of the guys were a fair amount behind.

And finally, I get home and my super-fancy Garmin Edge 1000 gives me a screwy message I haven’t seen before. Says I’ve got a new record, 297 watts. Which means what, exactly? I think it means that, for 30 minutes, I was able to average 297 watts. But what it really means is pretty much the same thing as my just-over 27 minute time up the hill. In this case, seems like I’m 3 or 4 watts away from respectability. :-)

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