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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Where did everybody go?

Not many others out on the roads this morning. Why? For that matter, seemed like quite a few more cars than normal. Was this opposites day?

Just me & Kevin (not the pilot) riding up through the park. Temps had dropped to the low 50s and there does seem to be a threshold, somewhere around the mid-50s, where I breathe a lot better above that temp than below. 32 minutes up Kings was definitely slower than planned! It did warm up nicely up on top though, with the rest of the ride being at a pretty good pace (with Kevin pulling at the front, of course!).

We did an out-and-back on the lower section of West Old LaHonda, to check up on the construction. Yes, it’s real, they’re fixing our road. Proof is in the picture above! Hopefully we’ll have it back soon.

Feels so good to make the legs hurt so bad!

Nice ride this morning! 5 of us, with both Kevins along with JR & Marcus. Pilot Kevin is still getting over something nasty so I waited for him at the clearing on Kings, while JR rode on ahead. Way ahead were younger Kevin and Marcus.

The most-interesting part of the ride, for me, was the climb from Swett Road up to the plateau before the Skegg’s parking lot. I went pretty hard for some reason, with younger Kevin on my tail. About halfway up he pulled even with me, but instead of giving up, I just went that much harder and somehow pulled off the uphill sprint. I wanted to create a Strava segment for it, titled “20 seconds of pain”, but Strava won’t let you create a segment shorter than a minute. Darn!

Fuzzy highly-enlarged photo showing the work being done on West Old LaHonda

Pilot Kevin peeled off for home before reaching Sky Londa (Marcus had left us before that). Now the decision- what to do about the West Old LaHonda loop, since it can’t be done as a “loop” anymore with the construction going on. Last week we did an out-and-back from the bottom, so today we rode the upper half. We didn’t actually head all the way down though; we stopped at the scenic viewpoint to check out the construction from up above, and then retraced our route back to Sky Londa. Along the way we met up with a couple guys from London who’d found their way up Old LaHonda and were wondering where they might find a good place for breakfast. Well, just a mile or two away from Alice’s, is that really a question????

The real surprise, for me, was heading home back over Jefferson. My legs still felt a bit cooked from my “20 seconds of pain” effort, but Kevin was pushing really hard up Jefferson. I thought for a bit, nah, let him go, but why? Why not see how long I can hold the wheel? I was actually riding behind JR, who fell off the pace about half-way up, giving me an opportunity to say well, that’s it, time to watch Kevin ride away. Instead I went around JR and rode up to Kevin’s wheel, hanging on all the way over the top and ending up with my 2nd-best Strava time for that segment. I really didn’t think I had that left in my legs.

And yes, the rest of the day, my legs were talking to me.  Talking in a language I haven’t heard in quite some time. “We hurt, why did you do this to us? Can you do it again?”