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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Yes, rode Tuesday; Kevin’s first day on his new bike!

JR on the left, Kevin on his new bike on the right, entering the forest at the top of West Old LaHonda. His new bike is very, very cool.

No great pictures of Kevin climbing up Kings on Tuesday, on his new Trek Emonda, because of course he was riding way up ahead of me! Actually that’s not entirely true. The photo above isn’t too bad.

Just a few of us; Kevin (pilot), Kevin (young guy with new bike), JR, Marcus and me. Younger Kevin’s been riding his Trek Boone ‘Cross bike since late June, after the motorist had knocked him off the road and trashed his Trek Madone. The Boone’s a pretty darned nice bike, but with its beefier frame and disc brakes, you’re talking maybe 5 pounds heavier than the ultra-light Emonda he showed up with. As a result, even though he hadn’t been riding for over a week (he and his sister had taken a trip to Disney World), he has ready to go.

At first, Kevin rode up off the front a bit, and then I got on his wheel. I held on up past the park entrance a bit before letting go, and shortly after that, Marcus came riding on past and rocketed up to him. At the park entrance, I circled around a bit and waited up for the other Kevin (pilot guy), who was hurting pretty badly after a crash a couple days prior. According to Kevin, he and Marcus made it to the top together, somewhere around 27 minutes. That would be a full minute faster than I can pull off right now. Sigh.

Overall, a super-nice ride because the pace was fairly moderate, the weather perfect for climbing, and, well, we do live in one of the greatest spots on the planet for riding a bike. And yes, if you drop 5 pounds weight off a bike, it does make a difference.

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Almost just me again… almost!

I couldn't help but stop and admire the view, since Marcus had ridden not much past the top of Kings so the rest of the ride, this view, was all mine, with plenty of time to stop and take it all in.
I couldn’t help but stop and admire the view, since Marcus had ridden not much past the top of Kings so the rest of the ride, this view, was all mine, with plenty of time to stop and take it all in.

Was I destined to ride both Tuesday & Thursday’s rides alone? Seemed that way when nobody else showed up at the start this morning! Rode all the way out to Greer Road, working my way up to the back route through Huddart Park when Marcus came along.

That figures. The fastest climber in our group, with me, presently perhaps the slowest. When my son Kevin rides with Marcus, he later tells me of interesting conversations. Me? Anything is entirely one-sided, since the best I can get out are one-syllable answers to questions regarding Life, The Universe, and Everything. I didn’t get much chance to continue a conversation “up top” since Marcus headed back home just a mile or two after the Kings climb (he lives up there).

The weather has certainly changed; today was the second ride in a row featuring leg warmers! Since this is the first day of October, that shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise. On West Old LaHonda, you could even catch glimpses of virga, rain that doesn’t quite make it to the ground, streaking downward from some clouds off the coast.

In the “interesting timing” department, I was thinking about the lack of rabbits on West Old LaHonda lately when one raced across the road directly in front of my wheel!

I arrived back at the start about 6 minutes later than would have been the case with a group, and since 6 minutes is pretty much exactly how much time I spent stopped on West Old LaHonda, taking photos and admiring the view, it seemed the universe was at least somewhat in order.

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