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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Rain, Donuts, Last run for Mainstreet Coffee…

On the left, Kevin & Kevin getting their jackets on for the descent into Sky Londa. Center, my bike drags me to Donut King on the way to work. Right, Kevin making his very last run to Mainstreet Coffee for… Coffee… on their final day in business

A busy past couple of days! Thursday morning’s ride was a repeat of last Thursday morning’s ride, with rain/drizzle that ran through the first part of the ride, wet roads all the way until the very end, when the sun comes out, just as the forecast said it would. But this time we didn’t just climb Kings and return, choosing to skip out on only the West Old LaHonda section. Kevin (pilot) was the only person joining Kevin (my son) and I, but that’s one more person than last week! No records anywhere, pretty easy ride up Kings, and the younger Kevin is still not back up to speed. Hopefully that will change soon.

On the commute to the shop my bike forced me to detour to Donut King. Must be a bad steering bearing or something, because it keeps happening.

And today? The very last time for a coffee run to Mainstreet Coffee, near the shop. The owners have sold the place after recognizing that the land was worth a lot more than what they were making at the business, so they cashed out. Pretty sad, but I understand. Not an issue I’ll ever face because we don’t own either of our locations, but I know of two bike local bike shops whose land is worth far, far more than whatever income they’re generating from their retail business.

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This, too, shall pass (last day I’ll likely have an edge on Kevin)

Left is looking up Kings from the 2/3rds point, right is looking back. Riders ahead, riders behind, me? In the middle. Could be worse!
Left is looking up Kings from the 2/3rds point, right is looking back. Riders ahead, riders behind, me? In the middle. Could be worse!

Nigel’s back from the UK, although we didn’t see much of him as he went quickly off the front from the start. Marcus and George would have been the likely suspects to haul him back, but not today. Actually, I don’t really know what went on up front as Karl, Eric, George & Marcus headed up the road at a pace I wouldn’t be holding past the first couple of corners. Keven and JR had dropped back behind, JR by choice, Kevin… Kevin just wasn’t feeling like the regular Kevin this morning.

When I got to the section shown above, it wasn’t looking like I could get a great time so I circled and waited a bit for Kevin. Not much to be concerned about though, as he recovered pretty strongly on West Old LaHonda, chasing after Nigel & Karl. They were out of sight much faster than expected, with Kevin afterward expressing a bit of disappointment that he wasn’t closer to a personal PR on Strava for the segment. The things that matter so much when you’re young… sigh… nothing really changes as you get older, does it?

Pretty nice ride overall, getting back to the start by 9:17, a minute ahead of the normal schedule. Doesn’t look to be the case for Thursday’s ride though, as they’re saying a bit of rain. Just like last Thursday. A bit of rain is the worst; annoying, slippery roads, and no real credit for the effort like you get when it really pours on you. Not only that, but it’s scheduled to end shortly after the ride. Unfair!

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