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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

A bit cool, yes, but that didn’t spoil our party!

A bit hard to read, but the Garmin is reading 34.8 degrees! You sure wouldn’t want to miss a morning like this just because it was cold though.

34.8 degrees, late March, aren’t we just a bit past that sort of thing? The positive side is the lack of rain. We earned this dry spell! Quite a few of this this morning; I’ll try the roll call thing- Kevin, Kevin, Eric, Karen, Marcus, Andrew, JR and yes, even George showed up! Haven’t seen George since he became an age-category hot-shot in the bike racing scene. He’s still young enough (about 60 I think?) that the age-category results still indicate someone really, really strong. At some point it gets a bit silly, like those who look forward to turning 75 so they can dominate the 75-80 group. It’s been a very long time since I looked forward to getting older.

I felt surprisingly good this morning, at least for the first half of the ride. Even kept up with the fastest guys up to Huddart Park, after which I lost their wheels and ended up in that “place in the middle” for a while. Younger Kevin caught up with me at the half-way point (I had naïve ideas that maybe I could keep up, an old man’s fantasy I guess), and gradually everyone else caught up and passed me by the time I got to the top. That’s OK; I felt pretty good and this was my 3rd time in a row under 30 minutes.

From that point on, it was a surprisingly civilized ride, everyone in a good mood, lots of talking, nobody doing anything silly like going to the front and pushing the pace. I could use more rides like this!  –Mike–

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Kevin’s not quite back yet

kevin_huddart_This was supposed to be Kevin’s first day back on a bike in almost two weeks; last night, he finally felt like the pain from his kidney stent was diminishing enough he could ride. Things proceeded normally; got up at the regular time, went through the regular rituals, got on the bikes and rode off. I’d already told him, and he agreed, that he wasn’t going to ride hard, so it wasn’t any big surprise he wasn’t too fast going up over Jefferson to the start of the ride.

We met up with the other Kevin (pilot), Eric & Karen, and proceeded on the through-the-park route up Kings. Younger Kevin was quickly looking to be in distress though, and after falling back a minute or so at the point where you hit the main road, let us know he wasn’t continuing up the hill with the rest of us. Too bad; it was a beautiful morning and a civilly-paced ride.

Tomorrow morning (Friday) Kevin gets the stent removed, and hopefully will be all-better. Maybe Sunday we’ll get to ride out to the coast again. And maybe some day soon we can have the breakfast-at-Alice’s ride we were supposed to have last week on my birthday. –Mike–

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