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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Kevin’s back, George hit a wall, and who was that woman in tennis shoes?



Things were almost back to normal this morning; Kevin’s coming back up to speed on Kings, dropping me just over halfway up the climb. As it should be. A bit worrisome that Kevin had been having some issues climbing for a bit. Of course, Marcus was on another level entirely.

Kevin well-rested at the top by the time others arrived.
Kevin well-rested at the top by the time others arrived.

George, on the other hand, had used everything he had… I mean everything… on the infamous “morning” ride. He looked OK at the start, but drifted off the back very, very quickly. In fact, the rest of us (myself, Kevin, Eric, JR) waited 5 minutes at the top before deciding it would be a good idea to head back down the hill and see if he’d run into trouble. We found him, but then had to re-ride the last half kilometer of the climb, which despite the rest, didn’t feel very good at all.

West Old LaHonda was beautiful, as always, but notable mostly for the sudden stop, shown in the photo, due to road & tree work up ahead. Just a couple minutes wait and we got through, but by this time, we were way, way, way behind schedule. In fact, we finished the ride around 9:30am, which is 8-13 minutes late! Still plenty of time to get home, showered, upload to Strava and get coffee before work.

tennis_shoesIMG_5714[1]Almost forgot about the group we saw just before we started out. Don’t know who they are or where they came from, but that woman in red in the photo? She’s wearing tennis shoes. And they were flying! They had maybe a 30 second head start on us, and were steadily increasing that gap as they went. Thankfully they turned off on Kings. Would hate to have been beaten by someone in tennis shoes.

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Like Kevin said, a “Super Social” Thursday ride

You’re never really sure how the pace of a given Tuesday or Thursday-morning ride is going to be. I’d already discussed with Kevin the need for him to start out slower on the climb so he wouldn’t blow up like he’s been doing the past couple of weeks, not that he’d actually pay any attention to my advice. But for whatever reason, everybody was in an easy-going social mood this morning… everybody being Kevin, the other Kevin, Eric, Nigel… just 5 of us, unless I’ve left anybody out.

The ride through the park was easy, and even included an extra break where it comes out at Kings, so Kevin (the pilot) could deal with his Diet Coke rental. In fact, the entire trip up Kings was at a pace where even I could carry on a conversation! Rare indeed.

Kevin pushing it on the upper part of WOLH, with Nigel glued to his tail.
Kevin pushing it on the upper part of WOLH, with Nigel glued to his tail.

Things finally picked up a bit descending 84 towards West Old LaHonda, partly because I recognized the rarity of not having a slight headwind there (and in fact got my second-best Strava time for that segment, despite lacking a couple of our “big guns” for such sections, Karl and the now rarely-seen Chris.

On West Old LaHonda you find us admiring the view (as you can see in the photo at the top of this entry, as well as Nigel’s embedded video below), and things stayed pleasant until Kevin (not the pilot; he’d headed back early for work) decided to drill it on the upper stretches, towing Nigel along with him. Final chance for my own redemption came descending 84 into Woodside, not quite keeping up with Nigel but still getting one of my better times on that descent. I think I’m going through the natural “cycle” of first being a climber, then a sprinter, and finally, a descender.

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