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38 degrees & Foggy & Wet… Again?

Same old story it seems. We knew there was the potential for wet roads, having rained the evening prior, but hoped it would have dried off. But does it matter when there seems to be an endless supply of damp marine air coming over the ridge?

Just myself and younger Kevin today, although there were others out there. 33 minutes to get up the hill, about the same time as my last rides before hitting the deck and being off the bike for 6 weeks. I still wasn’t comfortably into the routine yet though. Thankfully commuting to and from work seemed to help. Actually, riding home after a challenging day at the shop seemed to help more than expected.

Truthfully it’s not been automatic, getting back into the swing of things. I’ve had days where I should have ridden to work but caught a ride in my daughter’s car. Something is never have done in the past. But not today, and the ride home reminded me why I ride home.

Disappointing Game of Thrones return

OK, I gotta be honest here. This was not a worthy restart of the series. I initially thought it merited a 6 out of 10; that’s too charitable. Maybe 5. Having to watch the dragons cruising around doing nothing for an interminable amount of time seemed pointless. The big march the show opened with… was there a point? The revelation of Jon Snow’s true heritage, explained to him by someone… that should have been a big moment he came to realize on his own.

No real tension either. Nobody in danger of dying. Heck didn’t it seem there’d at least be a danger from dragons not getting enough food?
But really, weren’t we all looking forward to Jon Snow finding his place in dramatic fashion? Whether the rightful heir to the throne or not?

Very disappointing.