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Should not have cleaned my bike yesterday!

foggy_wolhIMG_0444I should have known better. Spent a bit of time cleaning up my drivetrain at the shop yesterday, getting rid of a few noises, inspecting the crank bearings, stuff you’d think a shop owner would do to his bike on a more-regular basis. Finally got around to it and thought hey, maybe this is how a bike should ride.. nice, smooth, quiet… as I headed home. And then I noticed the huge bank of fog rolling over the hills, and realized that’s where I’d be riding in the morning.

This is one time I wish my feeling had been wrong.

Just Eric with me this morning; older Kevin was probably flying, younger Kevin was at Disneyland with his sister. The rest of the usual suspects might have been waiting for the sun to come out. Not too fast up the hill, easy cruise across Skyline, not-too-fast heading westward towards West Old LaHonda on 84, as we had a bit of a headwind plus the wet roads didn’t inspire confidence. The usually-beautiful West Old LaHonda section was… gray. Descending 84 back into Woodside was a bit touchy at the top but things dried up nicely for the lower section of the road.

Fog on Skyline generally means summer is coming. Maybe, but not fast enough for me. Would be nice to get rid of long-fingered gloves and leg warmers!

Nice solo ride to the coast

Seen at the LaHonda duck pond today
Seen at the LaHonda duck pond today

Kevin’s off at Disneyland with his sister today, so it was time for a solo ride to the coast, up over Old LaHonda, Haskins to Pescadero, Stage to San Gregorio but then a bit of a change, heading back up 84 instead of Tunitas.

It was an interesting day on the roads; surprisingly-few cars for such a nice day. I did wear leg warmers the entire time, but could have dispensed with them for the return from San Gregorio. The LaHonda duck pond had a couple of interesting birds sitting on pieces of wood, as seen in the photo above. They seemed completely content to just sit there, motionless, pointed in different directions.

The winds were… interesting. Mild headwind going into Pescadero, as usual, but the Stage Road headwind was mostly a no-show. Caught a few breezes here & there but nothing consistent. Slight tailwind heading back up 84, but the strangest thing happened at the top- it changed directions! I had a pretty strong headwind descending 84 into Woodside. Odd thing, that.