Banana Slug, Rabbit, Falcon

So which could I relate to? That’s pretty easy. Kings was pretty dreadful this morning. 35 minutes dreadful, and it’s not like I was slow because I was taking it easy. But, as always, the ride gets better as it goes and I was able to deliver a bit of power on Skyline, and didn’t collapse on West Old LaHonda.

Just me and non-pilot Kevin this morning; ex-pilot Kevin’s in France, riding the mountains around Grenoble. I’d complain that it was cold here, except that ex-pilot flew all the way to France to end up with what looks like 4 days of rain to ride in! Hopefully some of those days are typical afternoon thunderstorms, here for an hour or two, then gone.

No ride for me Thursday morning; that’s when my wife and I meet with the breast cancer expert at Stanford. Normally I let nothing get in the way of my morning rides, but for this, I’m making an exception.

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