Alpe d’Huez was easy/hard to believe I’m the same person

Really interesting day today, completely erasing the “agony of defeat” I’d been feeling the prior two rides here in France. I felt like a different person entirely on Alpe d’Huez. The only substantive difference is that I decided to go back to using my inhaler, despite the last set of test results that showed it didn’t have a positive impact on my breathing anymore.

Tuesday & Wednesday, I just couldn’t get started, didn’t get better as I warmed up, and was feeling… old. I want to feel experienced, not old. But Tuesday & Wednesday Kevin could ride rings around me. Well, not entirely on the Galibier; Kevin was fading as the climb went on, and sometimes the experienced cyclist knows that you’re going to get there and has the patience to grind it out until you do, rather than feeling like you want to give up (although I have to confess I wanted to give up on Tuesday!).

Unfortunately we got back so late from the race today I don’t have time to get into details; the interesting stuff is on my Facebook page, which I was able to update in real-time because there was excellent cell coverage on the Alpe d’Huez. I’ll toss some of them in here-

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