Covid update

Not fun; we’ll be closed through Tuesday for sure, and don’t yet know if we’ll be re-opening Wednesday or Thursday. The quarantine period is 5 days from onset of symptoms, and that’s a pretty tough call. When did it actually start? What was Covid and what was a cold, or allergies?

My wife, daughter and I have all started taking Paxlovid, which is known to both lessen and shorten the severity of Covid. In my case, it’s simply a precaution, based on age and that I’ve theoretically got a compromised immune system due to my mild bone marrow cancer. The reality is that I get sick less often than most, so my immune system is mostly likely intact.

The funny feeling that I had Saturday morning, and caused me a bit of issue sleeping the prior night, has gone completely away. The 1 degree “fever” is gone (in my case, that means 98.8; I tend to run about 97.8). But what I’ve learned is that nothing matters but time. Time from symptom onset. It used to be 10 days; now it’s five. You’re not looking for a negative test result because you can test positive for 3 weeks after you’re over it and no longer contagious. If you *do* get a negative test, which is repeatable, well in that event, you apparently are in the clear.

What a mess. Customers with their bikes at the shop, needing to pick them up. That’s really the biggest problem right now.

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