Failure to launch? I am the weakest link, good-bye!

It had to happen, after a long string of rides where I had been feeling pretty darned good and basically playing around, riding on up ahead at times, drifting back, repeat. But not this morning. This morning it was all I could do to keep Kevin & Kevin and Colin in sight on the climb up Kings. It’s not like they all finished a day earlier than I did, but they all did finish together, and I’m holding up the tail end.

Riding along Skyline wasn’t so bad; I had a bit of power on the short hills, and was hopeful West Old LaHonda would be OK. Well… it was pretty much just that, OK. I could hang, but when it came time to fumble around with the camera for the obligatory photo (above), there was nothing extra, and you need a bit of extra at that point to keep up while trying to get the phone out of the pocket, get it into picture mode, take the photo (or two or three) and then get it back into the pocket. While wearing thick winter gloves. Yeah, good luck with that.

And the best was yet to come- descending Old LaHonda because 84 is closed for tree work. I do not understand why some actually enjoy descending OLH. You can’t get any speed due to the corners and a car that could be coming up, you’re on the brakes the entire way down. What’s the point, other than burning through brake pads? But two weeks more of this until all the Eucalyptus tress are gone from the base of 84.

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