Kevin’s knee is getting better; 24-something on Old LaHonda is much better than 30!

Kevin’s out of shape but his knee is finally causing less grief! We got out about 10am which, believe it or not, is a good hour and a half earlier than normal, and Kevin was very surprised to see how many more cyclists are climbing the hill at that slightly-earlier time. Initially we were thinking that could be a bad thing; a ton of cyclists passing us on their way to the top, but that wasn’t the case; we had to move aside for just one really fast guy. At 24-something, we’re still a good 11 minutes slower than the record time set by former pro cyclist Phil Gaimon, so no, we’re not too proud of our accomplishment, just happy.

Heading to the coast we, or I should say I, battled a pretty strong headwind. Hate what that does to my hamstrings! Fortunately Kevin’s 24-something on Old LaHonda didn’t translate into a similar time up Tunitas; we took it pretty easy on the way up, finishing in just over an hour.

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