Interesting start to the day, and an amazing “Wear a Mask” parody. They’re related.

Well, let’s just say we had a customer this morning who had the most-novel-play-yet for believing he could enter a business without wearing a mask. It wasn’t medical.

It will be nice, a year from now, maybe, when this is largely behind us and life is sort of kind of maybe back to normal. For some of us, not all. Today, I wrote up a repair for a customer with a due date of November 3rd. And he replied, sadly, that’s the die the American Dream dies. As much as you want to know what he meant by that, you can’t ask. You just can’t. There’s nowhere good such a conversation can go.

Anyways, hoping my Mom enjoys the “Wear a Mask” parody. Don’t know if she’s seen Beauty and the Beast, but think this plays well even if you haven’t. And I won’t give her a bad time about the Fox News line in it. Oh. Wait. I just did. 🙂


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