No rattlesnakes! Or bee or yellow jacket stings.

Kevin heading up Tunitas on his e-bike which did give him a workout!
It’s funny; you’d think Kevin riding his e-bike would make for an easy ride for him, but that’s actually not the case; he’s been off his regular bike for a couple of months due to his knee issue, and that’s taken away a lot of his steam. Sure, he could put it in “Turbo” mode and leave me in the dust, but that might not give enough battery life for the whole ride.

And what was the ride? Nothing too challenging; just up Old LaHonda, down the other side to the coast, and back via Tunitas. Curiously it was hottest as we were just 4 or 5 miles from the coast, where it hit 91. It never got terribly cool though; 84 at the coast, and I saw 77 for a bit on Tunitas. Air quality not too bad.

It’s interesting, when climbing and passing others, when one of you is on an e-bike. For some reason I think it a good idea that I lead at that point. Not quite sure why, maybe just want to make sure they don’t think we’re both on e-bikes.

I noticed Kevin got a ton of Strava accomplishments, including some “overall” placings, while I got just one. So it turns out that you have an entirely different set of “accomplishments” for e-bikes vs regular (which makes sense) but for the most part, the fastest times remain in the domain of regular bikes. I was somewhat surprised by this, thinking that there might be some aggressive e-bike riders wanting to “own” KOMs, but it appears that’s not really the case. Interesting.

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