Tuesday it was a Bee. Today a Yellow Jacket. Sunday? I’m watching out for Rattlesnakes!

On the left you’ve got Karen, following behind Kevin (on his e-bike) and Jeff Z.
Interesting morning! For starters, Kevin (not the pilot) braved coming out and testing his knee. On his e-bike, of course, but that’s better than not riding at all. We get to the start, and it’s just us. Kevin’s thinking that’s it, nobody else. And there wasn’t, until shortly after getting underway we come across Karen. Two against one; two of us on regular road bikes, Kevin on his e-bike. For a little while, up through the Park, I was able to hold the two of them off, but once we got to Kings, it was game over. Had to slow down and try to breathe.

I kept pace, mostly, the rest of the way up the hill. At least until I hear Kevin, who’s a bit behind me at this point, yelling that JeffZ is behind us and closing fast. Kevin kicks his e-bike into a higher gear (probably went from Tour to Sport mode) and jumps on JeffZ’s wheel… until JeffZ drops him. Seriously. Kevin can’t keep up with JeffZ, when Kevin’s on an e-bike? Yeah, well, JeffZ is that fast and Kevin’s knee must be that bad.

It was a beautiful day up on Skyline, just under 60 degrees, no smoke, just a tough of fog creating rays through the trees in a place or two. West Old LaHonda was clear & dry and apparently also a haven for yellow jackets. Got stung or bit, not sure which, stopped to make sure it wasn’t a bee (no stinger) and basically just got mad. I mean, seriously? Thankfully it apparently didn’t get much venom into me because there was never much swelling, just a bit of pain and a tingling that went away after an hour or two.

Like the title says, I’m expecting rattlesnakes Sunday!

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