Chain Reaction’s road-clearing crew at work

Pretty crazy weather today; we thought perhaps the wind might die down if we waited a bit, but no luck, kept on going strong! Kevin and I finally got out around noon, wondering which way we might be blown. Kind of felt like this would have been a great day for a one-way record to Santa Cruz. But instead we headed up Old LaHonda, out to LaHonda and back via West Alpine.

Slow? Oh yeah, really slow. Of course we stopped a few times to clear debris on the way up OLH, the biggest job being close to the top, as seen in the photo above. Don’t know what the cars would do without us! Kind of interesting on the way up, hearing cracking limbs above us and, at one point, being a bit too close to quite a few large branches coming down. Guess that’s why we wear helmets, right?

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