Had a better day than this guy

We knew it wasn’t going to be a fast ride Thursday, and in fact I kinda guaranteed that by forgetting to take a few hits from my inhaler. Yeah, same stuff Chris Froome used, but it’s never seemed to make me quite as strong. Why is that?

Heading up through the park, somehow Kevin missed this guy (in the photo) in the road. Sadly, already dead before we got to her. Not very long but rather full-bodied if that makes sense. I spotted it and stopped, got a couple of photos and moved on. Not sure if he’d been run over or dropped by a bird. Seems like a pretty big guy for a bird to pick up though. Amazingly, this is the first rattlesnake we’ve seen in quite a while. Used to see them all the time, typically out on West Old LaHonda. Maybe they’re still out there, enjoying the still-closed road.

At the base of Old LaHonda, we wondered if maybe this would finally be that 28-minute day. Nope. Still 25-something if I recall correctly. We can take it easy, but not quite THAT easy!

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