I have no idea why today’s ride was so hard

Sunday’s ride was OK, even better than OK for part of it, despite being a bit sore from having to pump up all those tires at the Foster City Bike Ride in the morning. But it seemed like the soreness from all that pumping kept building and building; yesterday both Kevin and I felt pretty stiff and sore around our lower back. Some of it was still there this morning. So maybe that was it. Or maybe it was just one of those famous “High Gravity” days.

I gave Kevin the option of doing a different-than-normal ride, skipping Old LaHonda and riding up Alpine and “walking” Joaquim instead. Strangely, he said no. Not quite sure why. Said something about being able to do Old LaHonda on autopilot, so the struggle wouldn’t be so bad. But trust me, the struggle up through the park, it was bad. Slow. Bad. But we made it.

Old LaHonda, maybe it would finally be that 28 minute super-slow time we’ve said would be the case on those days we didn’t feel fast. At 26:25, is wasn’t fast. It wasn’t 28, but it wasn’t fast. Maybe Thursday will be fast. Or maybe not. After a series of surprisingly-fast rides, having a few falling-off-the-chart rides doesn’t bother me. It’s almost a relief.

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