Finally a regular ride entry! An “Ugly” ride at that.

Kevin on Skyline at the view point just north of Page Mill
It’s about time I get a regular ride entry in here, even though somewhat of an irregular ride. It seems like nearly every Sunday ride has been the Pescadero/Tunitas loop, and for reasons unknown I decided it should be something tougher. And the ride through the foothills to Los Altos then up Stevens Creek, up Redwood Gulch, and finally 9… that’s tougher. Even though less climbing, trust me, it’s tougher.

It starts out easily enough, riding past Old LaHonda instead of heading up it, fooling you into a false sense of the ride being easier, just because you’re not climbing. Yet. We traditionally stop at the Peet’s near our former Los Altos store location which, by the way, remains un-rented. From there, it’s the not-so-fun ride up Steven’s Creek, which becomes Stevens Canyon, which takes you to the base of Redwood Gulch. Kevin was feeling better on Redwood Gulch than I was, at least at first. I was feeling really, really slow but for reasons unknown, the last third I found some extra power, saving myself from a dismal time.

9? Always a long slog to the top. Skyline? Pretty nice heading north, where you lose a bit of altitude and generally have favorable tail winds.

It was one of those rides where I felt a whole lot better than at the start. That’s always a good thing!

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