Turkey or Hawk?

A Hawk hanging out along 280 as we returned; on the way out, we saw a very large flock of Turkeys. Which did I feel like?
The weather cooperated! The rain scheduled for noon today not only held off for our morning ride, but didn’t start until maybe 1:30pm or so. And, due to the cloud cover, it wasn’t as cold as it’s been lately, getting down to maybe 45 or so, which is so much nicer than the 37 degrees we saw a week ago.

There were 5 of us this morning; not quite enough to say we’re getting the band back together, but better than the three total we’ve generally seen recently. Besides myself and Kevin, we had (pilot) Kevin, plus former semi-regular MarkP, plus Brian H (whom I don’t think has ridden with us previously?). Brian & younger Kevin rode off the front at an easy 30 minute pace; I held with them up to Huddart before gradually slipping back to finish a minute behind. A couple minutes later (pilot) Kevin and Mark P arrived, obviously having a pleasant conversational pace. You would think it sensible for me to drop back to their group, but that’s a bit risky since I can handle a steady pace, but if they decided to pick things up a bit, I’d be quickly off the back. Hate that.

As expected, nice clean air, and not too damp, at least not until we got to West Old LaHonda, where the upper section was carpeted with debris from the trees. Enough pine needles that you were never really riding on pavement. Be careful in places like that; you can easily pick up a small twig or stick that can get caught in your rear wheel and lock up your derailleur, rotating it into the frame and possibly destroying it. We’ve seen it happen a few times. If you hear a noise coming from your bike, stop and check it out.

The run down 84 into Woodside could have been more fun; there was a bit of dampness in a few corners that kept me from feeling as secure about my footing as I’d like. Didn’t seem to slow down Kevin (younger Kevin) (or older Kevin for that matter) though.

Overall another nice ride, fitting into that category of a ride that didn’t seem that great at the start but you felt pretty good about towards the end.

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