Planned rides went better in France than back home; another shortened ride

We *do* have seasons here, despite what some say. Just two, a green season, and a brown. Clearly we are in the brown season right now.

For the second week in a row, the Sunday ride didn’t go quite as planned, again due to Kevin’s knee. In France, all of our rides executed without a hitch, almost amazingly so, even when we had to add extra segments when a train was cancelled. Didn’t matter; we adapted and without exception, all expectations were met. Probably more so than any prior trip to France even!

But since coming back, Kevin’s knee issue, the one caused when he banged it on a cabinet while still in France, has cut back on mileage a bit. The plan today was the same as last week. Old LaHonda, Haskins, Pescadero, Stage, Tunitas. Kevin did OK up Old LaHonda but by the time we got to the duck pond in LaHonda, Tunitas wasn’t looking like a good idea. Not sure why he thought West Alpine would be an easier alternative though! But we did ride it at a fairly easy pace, and made the ride just a little bit tougher by continuing north on Skyline all the way to Kings.

It was warm but not hot; I don’t think I ever saw temps above 87. I can live with that.

Hopefully the knee thing will get figured out shortly. I need to get in some longer miles!!!

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