“Normal” remains elusive

This was supposed to be a return to normal, after Kevin skipped Tuesday’s ride due to a painful knee, but we’re not quite back to normal yet. Soon, hopefully.

Kevin, Kevin, JR, and darn, forgetting the last guy’s name! But 5 of us climbing up through the park today, with me feeling probably better than the others for the first time in a while. Unfortunately, Kevin (kid) was hurting by the time he got to the top of Kings, even though it was a very moderate pace, so it was decided he and I would skip the West Old LaHonda section. It was probably quite amazing on that section today, fog likely creeping up the hillsides. As it was, we had some light fog on the lower flanks, but sadly smoke as we climbed up to Skyline.

We’ll see if normal can return for Sunday!

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