How old? How long?

The two Kevins and me yesterday on a cold & really slow morning. High gravity day as the pilot’s fond of saying. And for some reason I got to thinking just how long the two of us (older Kevin/pilot) have been doing this ride, maybe because we were passing a house we recalled talking jokingly about buying when it was up for sale… 30 years ago.

Another example of how old some of us are getting (and of course the hope is to get older still!)- I was asking “pilot” Kevin about the planes he used to fly, back in the day. For kicks I asked him if he’d ever flown a DC-3. I was sure that was pushing things back too far, trying to be funny, giving him a bad time ‘cuz of course he’s not THAT old.

Umm… DC-3s were what he was flying when he first started with American.

Yeah. We’re that old.

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