That tree’s going to be gone long before I am!

I should take a look at my earliest photos of this tree; I’ve been riding past it every Tuesday & Thursday morning for more than 20 years, and somewhere I’ve probably got a picture showing it looking like it had a future. Lately, it’s more a question of how long before its last branches rot and fall to the ground.

Definitely not an analogy for me; no question I’m going to be outlasting what’s left of that old oak! Not that Kevin, Kevin and I rode with any sort of speed at all last Thursday. Seems like it’s taking a very long time for us to get warmed up as the weather cools down.

6,598 miles. Time to give up on the goal of 7000 for the year; have to work way too many hours at the shop these next couple of weeks, with Christmas coming up. Although, averaging 31 miles/day doesn’t seem like THAT hard a thing to do! There’s always next year.

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