Good news on latest blood tests!

Today was my once/monthly bloodwork, checking to see where I am in my journey with Essential Thrombocythemia, the thankfully-mild bone marrow cancer I was diagnosed with last May. And the numbers are looking very good! The platelets are the thing that goes wild with Essential Thrombocythemia (generally called ET), and my platelets continue on a downward path towards normal. It’s also comforting to see the RDW,RBC coming into a normal range; that’s a measure of cell size uniformity. In general, you don’t want super-size cells floating around in your body.

More info after Monday’s visit with the doc. I was, frankly, a bit concerned about how good I felt riding yesterday, and wondered if something bad was going to show up in the blood work. Like maybe a big spoke in Hematocrit, that would deliver more oxygen to my muscles but also be an indication of something turning for the worse in terms of the cancer itself. Not the case fortunately. All systems go! –Mike–

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