The return of Running Lady and WOLH

No picture, no proof, right? We’ll get to that later.

Yes, it’s getting cold. Or maybe I should say colder. Cold has to be in the 30s, and we’re still bottoming out around 40 right now, so it’s not all that bad. Yet. It’s also staying nice and dry, unlike last year! Why we’re not seeing more people out there is a bit of a mystery. This morning it was just me, Kevin (son, not pilot) and JR. Surprisingly I’m feeling pretty decent, only a week after my return from 10 days off the bike while in South Africa. Yes, the cold is definitely messing with my lungs, but the legs, they feel pretty darned good.

The big surprise was being able to ride the West Old LaHonda loop of our ride for the first time in a few months. You still have to climb over the barriers, but they seem to be mostly done with the major work.

Another surprise was seeing “Running Lady” for maybe the first time in a couple years? She was a regular each Tuesday & Thursday, putting on a lot of miles with a very distinctive high-swinging-arms style.

Overall a much nicer ride than expected, if measured in terms of how strongly I rode, the views from West Old LaHonda and the company ridden with.

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