Still catching up

Right now in Wisconsin, at the annual Trek dog & pony show for dealers. I get off one plane (from France) and get onto another (to Wisconsin). Normally, flying to Wisconsin shouldn’t be that big a deal, but this was a bit on the tough side since it involved a short (3.5 hour) red-eye flight, arriving in Chicago at about 4am, then flying at 8am to Milwaukee, then a two hour wait for a two hour bus trip to Madison. When will we have transporters?

Sadly, I won’t get to do much riding here, effectively undoing the excellent shape I came back from France with. And yes, I did ride Tuesday morning, despite arriving home from France late the night before. Kevin? No. But I was out there. Tuesday & Thursday mornings, unless I’m shackled and don’t have a way to pick the locks, I’m out there. Tuesday’s ride was a bit rough, just kinda hanging in there, but Thursday, when Kevin did ride, I got a new PR up through Huddart Park and felt pretty darned good.

I’ve still got literally hundreds of photos of France to go through and post. It was such a great trip it really does deserve a fair amount of effort to documenting things… of the past 12 or 13 trips I’ve taken to the ‘Tour, this was easily in the top-3.

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