A day late but eventually I get to it

got_you_now_sprintSorry for the delay on reporting Tuesday’s ride; life got in the way (had to work late last night putting together our Mother’s Day Sale email and website info).

It was another very easy ride up Kings, something I could get used to but have learned never to expect. You just can’t predict when it’s going to happen. Partly it depends upon who shows up, partly upon what people did over the weekend. Yesterday… try to remember now… we had a new showing by LanierB, who came out in the way-back days if I recall correctly, Kevin (pilot), MarkP, JR, George… think that was everyone. Some interesting discussions dealing with financial stuff and gaming the system on the way up Kings, interesting because we had a ringer in the group and nobody knew (but me). You see, Lanier is a Professor of Economics at Stanford…

The photo? That’s the near-perfect setup for the Sky Londa sprint. For me. George leads out down the long straight final descent, then Kevin comes around just before the bottom, giving me an easy wheel to sit on for a few seconds, while he wears himself out, before I take off. With a setup like that, the only way I can lose is if Todd shows up. That wasn’t the case yesterday. 🙂


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