Bike To Work Day = Nobody on Thursday AM ride but Marcus?

Where did your bike take you today?
Where did your bike take you today?

Interesting morning. I showed up a few minutes early for the Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride, but not so early to expect to be the first person there. Usually I’ll see Eric warming up, or Kevin (pilot) already waiting. Not today. Sure, it was a bit gray, no sun anywhere, maybe expect to have a bit of dampness up on Skyline (not much at all, as it turned out), but nothing that would deter people from riding. Maybe they were doing the “bike to work” thing so they didn’t have time to do a morning ride first? That would be ironic; not being able to do the regular ride because it’s bike to work day so you wouldn’t be driving to work.

Les, a former shop owner, escorting me through Woodside and Huddart Park
Les, a former shop owner, escorting me through Woodside and Huddart Park

For the briefest period of time I was thinking hey, do I have the day off? I don’t have to ride up the hill? I slammed my head hard against the pavement three times until I was sure I’d gotten such thoughts out of my head before starting out; what was I thinking? And for the run through the park I did have some company; Les (former owner of Summit) and three others riding with him, were heading up as far as the park entrance. They were taking it really easy, and I wasn’t complaining! Even after they turned off and I continued up the hill, I still wasn’t moving too fast, taking the opportunity to notice things I would otherwise miss, like the woodpeckers with the bright red head feathers rhythmically banging away at an old log, not paying attention to me until I stopped to take a picture (and flying off before I could).

While stopped for the picture I didn’t get (and it would have been a good one!) someone rode on past, mentioning that “your friend” was just behind him. That “friend” turned out to be Marcus, who paced me up the rest of the hill at a speed not very fast for him, but a whole lot faster than I’d been riding prior. Marcus headed for home up on Skyline, leaving me alone for the rest of the ride, aside from another guy I rode with for a bit up on Skyline, but quickly dropped on the descent. I don’t think of myself as a fast descender, but there are certainly many slower.

The return of Karl, sort of. Think he's in better shape than he claims!
The return of Karl, sort of. Think he’s in better shape than he claims!

West Old LaHonda remained gray, not much view, but it felt really good to be out there. What was I thinking earlier, entertaining the idea of not doing the full ride?

On the return through Woodside I came across Karl, who seems to be recovering better than he says he is from his hip issue. Hopefully he’ll become a regular again; doesn’t look like he’s gained much weight, if any, while he was off the bike.

And then it was time to do the Bike To Work thing, riding to the bank, then Peet’s Coffee, then to the shop. I didn’t see too many people biking to work, but Luis, one of our employees, said he passed huge numbers near Facebook. Maybe next year I should set up a booth there! But that would mean not riding. Hate that! –Mike–

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