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So what do you do while waiting at the hospital for someone’s surgery to finish? Work, of course! Trying to get ready for tomorrow’s TrekFest sale, trying to keep things moving along despite life getting in the way. My wife gave me a bad time, saying health first, work second, but without work, you can’t pay for the health. Funny how that is.

The question is, is it “safe” to include inside references to movies that many/most may not have seen? Not that anyone would have an excuse for not seeing “Field of Dreams”, one of the great movies of all time.  I can do worse; I could have used Robocop references! Although with this photo, perhaps something out of “War of the Worlds” or “Independence Day” might have worked too. “At this rate, we could be looking at the worldwide destruction of every major city in the next 36 hours.” Guess that might explain the flee from the cities shown in the photo!

Updated, after getting back from the hospital and thinking about it some more, I present V2 (Version 2) below. Missing are movie references, and included “Chain Reaction” by name.

2 thoughts on “See it here first!

    1. We also sell anti-Strava bikes… the Electra Cruisers. I didn’t understand their appeal so much until I realized it’s a non-ego machine. You don’t care if you’re passed, or catching anyone. You’re just out for a ride. Sure, we should be able to do that on any bike, but can we? Can you get out there on your Madone and not go into rabbit/dog mode with other cyclists out on the road? It’s just how we’re wired I guess. –Mike–

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