Is The Simpson’s opening ripped off from the Jetsons?

OK, let’s get beyond questioning the greatest failing of my generation to the next… no flying cars. Sorry, just ain’t happening. We couldn’t pull it off. But thinking about that at this morning’s shop Christmas breakfast (and don’t ask me how it came up), it got me thinking about The Jetsons. The theme song started going through my head, and it just seemed so familiar. Check it out in the youtube clip below-

There’s even a saxophone riff in the middle! You tell me. Did Danny Elfman pay homage to the Jetsons? That sounds better than saying “ripped off” and in fact is likely accurate. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Is The Simpson’s opening ripped off from the Jetsons?

  1. I just found myself humming the simpsons theme song and then accidentally transitioning to the jetsons theme song and i realized the similarities and googled thusly. Found this page. So yeah.

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