Nice Christmas Eve ride

wolhIMG_0855_851I wasn’t sure if we were going to see Kevin on the ride this morning, after he’d stayed up pretty late the night before, tending to camels at Bethlehem AD. And while tending those camels he’d had a number of seizures such that he was a bit rough around the edges. Nevertheless I got him up at the appointed time this morning and he was ready to go.

George, Kevin, Kevin, Karl, Jeff Z, Eric & Chris with me today, although it’s not quite right to say they were with me; on Kings, I was pretty much bringing up the rear. Kevin (not the pilot) was in a grudge match with Jeff Z, a good customer of ours, and Jeff Z got the better of him. I was just over 28 minutes today and felt OK with that. My main claim to fame was trying to keep up the speed heading west on 84 to West Old LaHonda. Now that I’ve got the power meter, I know that 240 watts is something I can maintain for a while, so why not?

The good news was that Kevin had no seizures while riding. They really don’t seem to be an issue when he’s on the bike. Later in the afternoon/evening they started coming back though, so maybe he’s just got to ride several times a day. Works for me!

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