Why would you go shopping today when you could ride?

wolhIMG_0675I won’t say that my first “real” ride post-Thailand was especially fun, including the part where Kevin was really pretty annoyed at having to get up early (he was out of practice himself, having all manner of reasons for not having ridden while I was gone) but still, just getting out on a bike, on a beautiful morning like today… hard to imaging anything better you could be doing!

Just Keith (too-fast Keith) and his racing friend Chris (too-fast Chris) who, thankfully, were in a pretty mellow mood. If they had been looking for fast, they would have opted for this-morning’s low-key hill climb race up Mt Hamilton. Heck, if I’d been in good shape, I’d want to do that myself!

The original plan had been for a slow-but-steady ride out to the coast, but between a hacking cough Kevin was developing and my depleted energy levels while dealing with this bug I brought back from Thailand, we opted for the regular ride, nothing more. Sure, would have been nicer to spend more time out there, but all things considered, it seemed like the right thing to do. Get back into the rotation and hopefully do something more-challenging on Sunday!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Amazing how many people we saw out riding, walking, jogging. Not shopping. I’m sure we had some people frustrated that Chain Reaction wasn’t open, and we did have some calling on Wednesday to see if we would be. Such calls surprise me, but they don’t offend. Strange world.

2 thoughts on “Why would you go shopping today when you could ride?

  1. Hey Mike!

    I’ll be there on Tuesday. Don’t wait for me though. I’m 15 pounds overweight and been off bike for 3 weeks. So I’ll be starting 5 minutes ahead so as not to delay you. I’m riding like a bag of spanners!

    1. Nigel: You might reconsider an early start; I spent two weeks off the bike in Thailand, and dealt with a salmonella issue I picked up at the end of the trip in the days following. No fun (but it definitely did bring the weight back down…). And my son… he’s been off the bike even longer, for this reason or that. It will be a pretty forgiving pace. 🙂 –Mike–

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