Lack of posts <> Karen got eaten by Tiger

Just need to clear a few things up here regarding the lack of posts. Trip to Thailand was great, too much going on to update. We did do one easy ride, for an hour or so, around central Chiang Mai on bicycles. We did visit Tokyo for a few hours during our layover on the way back, something that most would think pretty crazy to do, but hey, that’s the norm for me. And I did get struck pretty hard by some sort of “thing” that sapped my strength and made the final flight home seem like something that was never going to end.

But I’m back. I rode to the shop today, and rode home hard & fast, despite it being the first time on the bike in over two weeks, despite having lost literally 4.5 pounds of water that I sweated out last night. Yes, I weighed myself when I got back (ouch! 175!!!) and then again this morning (170.5). And yes, tomorrow morning will be the regular Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride, on Kevin’s 21st birthday (and Thanksgiving), no less.

I feel great. Film at 11. –Mike–

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