I’ve been here before…

You don’t want to fly with me if you’re not into long hikes through airports. I’m on my way to DC for the annual bike summit, where this year we get to beg and plead for congress to not eliminate all bike & pedestrian funding, which means a week off the bike. Yuck. But it also means Gate 89. The last gate at the end of SFOs long United pier. My flight was originally scheduled out of Gate 73, adjacent to security. Somehow, United keeps track of me and makes sure I get my exercise at the airport.

Flying first to Newark, aboard a “real” United plane not-yet-painted with the “deathstar” logo of the recent merger with Continental. Then a puddle jumper to DC and metro ride to my hotel in Bethesda. Why Bethesda and not DC? About 150 dollar bills per night difference, that’s why! For that I can handle a 16 minute Metro ride into downtown DC. Save that money for bike stuff. 🙂

Meantime watching a steady stream of passengers from first class using our bathroom in coach. Why is it a “security issue” for coach passengers to use their bathroom but they can use ours?


2 thoughts on “I’ve been here before…

  1. Thanks for the good work in DC, Mike!

    If you think the walk to the plane’s gate is bad. try UA out of London LHR. The gate was a least a 15 min walk.


    1. LHR is pretty amazing. Odd the way they don’t let you near the gate until just before boarding, leaving you staring at the screen waiting, waiting, waiting for your flight to be posted. Very much like a large European train station, when you think about it.

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